Master of Business Administration in Construction Management

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The programme is designed for professionals in the construction sector such as engineers, quantity surveyors, architects, building technologists, construction supervisors and managers who want to upgrade themselves to senior management positions. It will give them a host of theoretical and technical skills as well as knowledge to effectively manage the construction business while upholding the principles of safety and health. In addition, it will delve into topics related to business management comprising finance, quality, procurement, operations and human resources which are essential in undertaking the various functions of construction management.


Study Programmes


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“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”
Helen Hayes

Top Core Courses

Fundamentals that will build you up to stay relevant and excellent today, tomorrow and beyond.

Advanced Construction Management

Addresses the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques of project planning, resource management, activities scheduling, progress monitoring, and budget controlling to meet the project requirements (PMBOK) in ensuring the learners can manage the construction projects with a holistic approach.

Project Management

Develops the learners’ knowledge on a higher-level perspective of project management discipline by discussing portfolio management and various project management maturity models.

Risk and Crisis Management

Exposes the learners to the significance of risk management to a business and how the neglect of risk management may have high-risk consequences that can cost companies dearly in terms of both reputation and money.

Quality Management

Introduces the learners to quality management and control, its applications, and the implementation of quality as the basic source for organisation growth.

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Provides the opportunity to the learners to explore issues in construction business through problem solving with peer group and learning to work in diverse work groups and negotiate differences of opinion.

Learning Pathways

Students will start off with a precise focus on construction management, along with several business-related courses. These deliver in-depth knowledge that will be highly useful and applicable in the construction industry in Malaysia. Students will also acquire basic new knowledge on conducting research studies through the comprehensive Research Methods course.

Students will continue to broaden their knowledge of business and applying previously acquired information through carrying out a research study in the  Project course.

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