Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Finance

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Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Finance will equip students with the knowledge and skills to conduct investment project appraisal, financial instrument evaluation, economics and financial system analysis in the international equities, bond, foreign exchange and derivatives markets. You will learn core concepts and skills in finance related to project evaluation, capital structure, security analysis and pricing, portfolio management, international financial management and fixed income investment.


Of Good Financial Balance for Success In All Aspects of Life

Emphasis on Skills

Related to Financial Technology & Risk Assessment


Of Self-Investment Skills for Planning Investment Portfolio & Creating Sustainability Income or Start-Ups

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”
Helen Hayes

Top Core Courses

Fundamentals that will build you up to stay relevant and excellent today, tomorrow and beyond.

Corporate Finance

The core focus of corporate finance is on efficient and effective methods of raising capital, employing financial resources, and applying financial valuation models for key financial assets and investment project research.

Investment and Portfolio Management

In order to develop a dynamic portfolio management process, investment and portfolio management place a premium focus on the value of common stocks, bonds, foreign assets, and options.

Islamic Finance

Islamic finance principles explain finance theories, governance, and ideas in the context of Islamic philosophy and Shariah in banking and financial product creation.

Risk Management

This course explores all areas of risk management, starting with the fundamentals and progressing to global issues. It emphasises the need of comprehending risk management's conceptual and execution difficulties using the latest financial approaches.

Fixed Income Investment

Fixed-income investment focuses on bonds and asset-backed securities, illustrating how market practitioners utilise theories, models, and quantitative tools in finance to execute fixed-income appraisal, investing, and trading.

Learning Path

In order to balance soft skills and leadership qualities, students will improve their soft skills in areas such as decision-making, history, teamwork, and communication in the first year.

In Year 2, students will learn to integrate their analytical skills within the overall business and management framework.

In Year 3 student will have the chance to extend their grasp of traditional financial disciplines as well as enhance their financial literacy skills.

In the fourth year, students will focus on specialised courses that will provide them with a rich learning experience in finance, as well as an analysis of financial concepts presented in course modules and real-world case studies.

The fifth year of study helps students consolidate academic knowledge and investing skills in preparation for a new career path, professional growth, and real-world financial challenges.

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