Doctor of Philosophy (Humanities)

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The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) by research degree programme is designed to provide opportunities for mature working adults to conduct in-depth research in their chosen field of study and to assume leadership roles in academia. During the course of the programme, students will be guided by an academic supervisor and will learn how to investigate a selected research topic using reliable, scholarly resources. Students will also learn how to search for, review, evaluate and analyse information from data collected to draw new conclusions.

This programme empowers students to work independently in researching a topic to write a thesis that is expected to contribute to new knowledge in a specific area. Students are also expected to demonstrate academic insight into the subject matter and convey their research findings in peer-reviewed and refereed publications. In addition, the programme will upgrade students’ knowledge and skills in the area of humanities to help them advance further in their respective careers.

Aligned with the mandate of the university, this programme is conducted in English, in hybrid or wholly online modes through full-time or part-time study.

WOU Guided

Research Milestones Create Stalwart Leaders & Business Analysts

High Expertise Level

Related to Financial TechOf WOU professors Aims to Produce Graduates with Critical Thinking Skills nology & Risk Assessment

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Content by Industries Leaders

Peer Support

And Study Groups Through Diverse Backgrounds of PhD Alumni

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”
Helen Hayes

Learning Path

Elementary skills in identifying and building the research topics.

Designing the research and defending your proposal

Data collection, analytical representation of findings and thesis writing

Completion of thesis writing and defending your work

Graduates are qualified to be scholars, researchers or professionals and will be adept at undertaking research projects in relevant areas of specialisation.

Doctor of Philosophy

Candidates must possess at least one of the below to be eligible to be considered for admission:

  • A Master’s Degree; OR
  • A First Class Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent OR a Bachelor’s Degree with a CGPA of at least 3.67 or its equivalent from an academic programme or a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme

    (Note: The student is not to be awarded a M.Phil qualification as an exit award if the student does not fulfill the PhD graduation requirements);


  • Any other equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysian Government and approved by the Senate of the University


English Language Proficiency Requirements (For International Candidates)

Candidates wishing to enrol in the research programmes will need to have the following English Language proficiency qualification:

  • IELTS – minimum of a Band 5.5, or
  • TOEFL – minimum score of 550, or iBT of 80, or CBT of 213, or
  • Is a Native speaker, or graduated from an English-medium Higher Education Institution


Fee Schedule 





Number of Courses


Number of Credits


Tuition Fees






10,310 -14,050

Bachelor Degree

26 - 39

120 -126

24,390 - 43,850


Postgraduate Diploma



7,500 - 9,888

Master Degree

8 -13

41 - 46

17,400 - 30,890

Doctor of Business Administration(DBA)



41,600 - 47,350

PhD in Philosophy (PhD Phil)(Research)

By research

By research

23,535 - 25,200


  • A one-off payment Processing and Administration fee (P&A) is chargeable for new students and varies according to programme.
  • Registration, Resource and Services (RR&S) fee is chargeable every semester and varies according to programme.
  • All tuition fees are merely indicative and fees are subject to change without notice.

Doctor of Philosophy (Humanities)

Level of Supervision

Research Subject Areas and Topics




Instructional Technology/Educational Technology;

Project-Based Learning;

Teacher Education;

Higher Education;

Research in Education;

Multimedia Education;

Digital Wisdom

Prof Dr Balakrishnan Muniandy

PhD (University of Oregon, USA)MEd (USM)

BA (Hons) (USM)Cert in Ed (MTC)

Cert in Ed Tech (USM)

Email: balakrishnanm1@wou.edu.my



Teacher Education;

Multicultural Education;

Intercultural Competence;

Early Childhood Education;

Curriculum Studies;

Language Education;

Higher Education; 

Education Policy and Planning

Prof Dr Anna Christina Abdullah

PhD (Preschool Education) (UKM)MEd (USM)

BA (Hons) with Education (USM)

Email: annachristinaa@wou.edu.my



Applied Linguistics;

Literature in English; 

Language Pedagogy

Assoc Prof Dr Thomas Chow Voon Foo

PhD (English Language Studies) (USM)

BA (Hons) TESOL (University of Strathclyde, UK)

Cert Ed (MPJN)

Email: thomaschow@wou.edu.my



Mathematics Education

Dr Tan Saw Fen

PhD (Mathematics Education) (USM) MA (Ed) (USM)

BSc Edu (Hons)(Chem) (USM)

Email: sftan@wou.edu.my



Educational Technology;

Educational Management;

Language Education

Dr Por Fei Ping

PhD (Educational Technology) (USM)MEd (Arts Administration) (RMIT)

BA with Education (Hons) (EnglishLanguage Studies) (USM)

Email: fppor@wou.edu.my



Experimental Psychology;

Behavioural Psychology;

Positive Well Being;

Human Development;

Behavioural Economics;

Behavioural Modelling;

I/O Psychology Applied Psychology

Dr Chong Chew Wuei

PhD (Psychology) University of Otago, New Zealand

BSc in Psychology (Hons, First Class), University of Otago, New Zealand

Email: cwchong1@wou.edu.my



Media Studies and Communication;

Women Studies;

Sociology and Anthropology

Dr Ooi Chia Yi

PhD (Media Studies) MA (Communications)

BSoc Sc (Hons) (Sociology and Anthropology) (USM)

Email: cyooi@wou.edu.my



Applied Linguistics;

Literature in English;

Second Language Acquisition;


Dr Alexander Funk Yun Leong

PhD (Applied Linguistics) (Swinburne) MEd (TESL) (UMS)

BA (Hons) (Coventry) Dip TESOL (LTTC)

Email: alexanderfunk@wou.edu.my



Early Childhood Care and Education;

Pedagogy and Education;

Teaching and Learning;

Professional Development;

Curriculum Development;

Teacher Training and Education

Assoc Prof Dr Nurul Aliah Mustafa

PhD (Education) (IIUM)

MEd Educational Psychology (IIUM) B.Sc. (Hons)Political Science (IIUM)

Adv Dip (Management of Vocational Training in Child Care) (JPK)

Dip in Smart Reader (Smart Reader™)

Cert in Early Childhood Education – PERMATA (Jabatan Kebajikan)

Email: nurulaliahm@wou.edu.my

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