Master of Philosophy (Computing and Technology)

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The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) by research degree programmes are designed to extend opportunities to mature working adults so that they can take on leadership roles in academic or industrial research. Students will learn how to investigate a selected research topic using reliable, scholarly resources. With guidance from their academic supervisor, they will learn how to search for, review, evaluate, analyse information, and draw new conclusions. Consistent with the mandate of the university, the programmes are conducted in English, via open and distance learning modes of education, but can also be carried out through full-time study.

The programmes enable students to research a topic of interest to considerable depth and write a thesis that is expected to contribute to new knowledge in a specific area. They also upgrade knowledge and skills in humanities, education and social science to aid in career advancement, as well as enable students to gain academic insight into the subject matter and communicate their research findings in peer-reviewed and refereed publications.


education and research for working adults

Overcome barriers

of geographical remoteness


with in-depth knowledge, values and responsibilities

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”
Helen Hayes

Learning Path

You will be exposed to the skills to conduct a research through Research Method. You will learn to establish the initial research proposal and various academic approaches to conduct a research. The research proposal will be evaluated by the faculty members.

Carry out studies based on the objectives of the proposal in year 1. You will complete the study by year end and produce a project thesis. You will present the outcomes of the research to internal and external examiners. A success defense of a research presentation marked the completion of MPhil.

Graduates can become qualified scholars, researchers or professionals with the capability to undertake research projects in relevant areas of specialisation.

With relevant experience or professional certification, you can also specialise a career in

  • Recruitment
  • Industrial Relations
  • Compensation
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Training and Development. 

Master of Philosophy

Candidates with one of the following criteria will be eligible to be considered for admission to pursue studies in the programme:

  • Bachelor’s Degree with CGPA of at least 2.75; OR
  • Bachelor’s Degree with CGPA of at least 2.5 and less than 2.75 can be admitted subject to the close internal evaluation by the University; OR
  • Bachelor’s Degree with CGPA of less than 2.5 with a minimum of 5 years working experience in the relevant field; OR
  • Any other equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysian Government and approved by the Senate of the University
  • Candidates should have obtained either a Credit level pass in Bahasa Malaysia at SPM level or should have obtained a “pass” in the Bahasa Malaysia course offered in all local Public and Private Institutions of Higher Learning.
  • Candidates who do not possess either of the above Bahasa Malaysia qualification shall take and pass the Bahasa Kebangsaan (A) course that is offered by WOU.
  • All foreign candidates without any Bahasa Malaysia qualification are required to take and pass the Bahasa Malaysia Komunikasi course that is offered by WOU.
  • Candidates who have not taken and passed the Research Methods course at the postgraduate level are required to take and pass a Research Methods course that is offered at the Master’s level in WOU.


English Language Proficiency Requirements (For International Candidates)

Candidates wishing to enrol in the research programmes will need to have the following English Language proficiency qualification:

  • IELTS – minimum of a Band 5.5, or
  • TOEFL – minimum score of 550, or iBT of 80, or CBT of 213, or
  • Is a Native speaker, or graduated from an English-medium Higher Education Institution

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