Post Graduate Diploma in Education

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The programme prepares you for employment as a teacher/lecturer at educational institutions. It provides a strong balance of theoretical studies and research in education, and develops your competencies to become an effective teacher/lecturer, who will help build our next generation.

We designed this postgraduate programme to help uplift the quality of teaching in Malaysia, to meet the needs of an increasing number of graduates and in-service teachers/lecturers from various disciplines who want to upgrade themselves with a professional qualification.

You will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the learning demand of the modern learners, with your teaching practicum focusing on the application of learned theories and skills in actual classrooms.

  • Fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)


Relevant to Industry Needs


From the Industry


Scholarships and Fees

Hands-on Skills

Acquisition and Development


Learning System

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”
Helen Hayes

Top Core Courses

Fundamentals that will build you up to stay relevant and excellent today, tomorrow and beyond.

Introduction to Pedagogy

This course upgrades the knowledge, skills and attitudes associated with effective pedagogical practice through the integration of theory and practical experience. Students will learn how to plan a lesson, prepare materials and manage class and design assessment.

e-Learning for Teachers

This course teaches students to utilise technology in order to enrich teaching and learning in classroom practice, as well as boost professional development.

Teaching Practicum

This course gives students the opportunity to design and critique the lesson plans and teaching materials prior to their actual practical experience of teaching within a school system. Through this course, students will put into practice the many theories they have learned in this programme.

Learning Path

Students will be exposed to the fundamental knowledge in the field of education. 

Students will obtain hands-on experience and apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their teaching practicum in educational institutions. 

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