Master of Arts in Psychology

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The programme is designed to cater to the need for professional development in the field of psychology due to the growing demand for psychological services in educational, medical and corporate institutions. Through the programme, graduates will be equipped with advanced psychology knowledge, effective practical strategies and skills for professional development in this area.

Graduates will be able to fulfil the need for postgraduate professional qualifications in the field of psychology and to raise the quality of services in educational institutions, upgrade the knowledge, skills and competencies required in the field of psychology, develop the necessary skills and competencies required in psychology career-related fields such as education, research, consultancy, and administration as well as apply advanced knowledge in psychology as well as ethical values and social responsibilities in the workplace.

Great Flexibility

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Engaging Student Experience

Accessibility and Friendly and Experienced Instructors

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”
Helen Hayes

Top Core Courses

Fundamentals that will build you up to stay relevant and excellent today, tomorrow and beyond.

Psychological Theories

This course introduces classical psychological concepts and theories that will help students  establish a clear and solid understanding of various aspects of psychology.

Contemporary Topics in Psychology

This course introduces contemporary psychological concepts and theories that will help students form a futuristic view of the field of psychology.

Professional Ethics and Standards

This course provides an understanding of the current ethical standards that guide psychological practices and research.

Advanced Research Methods

This course offers an insight into advanced research techniques in the field of psychology that will help students prepare for their own research, as well as enhance their career prospects.

Psychological Measurement and Assessment

This course offers an understanding and appreciation of  psychometrics theories and practices which make up the foundation of psychological science.

Learning Path

Students will be introduced to the basic psychological knowledge and skills to prepare them to be an efficient researcher and psychologist. Students will also be exposed to a wide range of psychological fields that will enable them to establish their field of interest and focus.

Students will conduct an independent and original psychology research under the guidance of experts in the focused field of interest of their own selection.

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