Ms. Errna Nadhirah Binti Kamalulil

Name of Staff: Errna Nadhirah Binti Kamalulil
Designation: Lecturer
Qualifications: Master of Philosophy (Industrial & Organizational Psychology) (UTM), Bachelor Degree of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (UMS   


Research Interest:

Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Mental Health, Psychological Well-being, Work-family Conflict, Research Methodology


Selected Publications:

1. Kamalulil, E. N. B., & Panatik, S. A. B. (2021). WORK-FAMILY CONFLICT AS A PREDICTOR OF MENTAL HEALTH AMONG LOW-INCOME EARNERS IN PUBLIC SECTORS. In The 2nd International Professional Doctorate and Postgraduate Symposium Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 25th September 2021 (p. 207).

2. Kamalulil, E. N., & Panatik, S. A. (2021). WORK-FAMILY CONFLICT AS A PREDICTOR OF MENTAL HEALTH AMONG LOW-INCOME EARNERS IN MALAYSIAN PUBLIC SECTOR. Journal of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, 7(2), 23-34.

3. Kamalulil, E. N., & Panatik, S. A. (2021). A Bibliometric Analysis Of Global Research Pattern On Psychological Well-Being. Sains Humanika, 13(2-3).

4. Kamalulil, E. N., & Panatik, S. A. (2021). Socioeconomic Status and Mental Health among Low-income Employees: A Systematic Literature Review. Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities, 29(3).

5. Kamalulil, E. N. B., Panatik, S. A. B., & Sarwar, F. (2021). The influence of socioeconomic status on job and life satisfaction among low-income employees in Johor Local Authorities. Psikohumaniora: Jurnal Penelitian Psikologi, 6(2), 121-136.

6. Kamalulil, E. N. B., Panatik, S. A. B., & Yunus, W. M. A. W. M. (2020). The Effect of Socioeconomic Status on Well-being: A Systematic Literature Review. International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, 24(05).

7. Kamalulil, E. N., Panatik, S. A., Yusof, J., Rusbadrol, N., Nordin, N. A., & Norazman, I. (2022, March). Work-Family Conflict and Mental Health among Low-Income Earners: Gender Differences. In 2nd World Conference on Gender Studies (WCGS 2021) (pp. 52-63). Atlantis Press.

8. Panatik, S. A., Kamalulil, E. N., Yusof, J., & Ishak, K. A. (2022). Work-life Integration and Mental Health Issues among Higher Education Staff. Journal of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development, 8(2), 139-156.

Honours and Achievements

1. Best Presenter Award (Social Sciences), “Bibliometric Analysis of Psychosocial Work Environment Indexed in Scopus and Web of Science”, 9th International Graduate Conference on Engineering, Sciences and Humanities, School of Postgraduate Studies, UTM, 2023

2. Best Thesis Award (Master), UTM 65th Convocation, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, UTM, 2022

3. Best Postgraduate Student Award, UTM 65th Convocation, School of Postgraduate Studies, UTM, 2022

4. Best Paper Award (Counselling and Psychology), “The Role of Psychological Capital in Mental Health of Low-income Employees in Johor Local Authorities”, 3rd International Conference on Social and Economic Development (ICSED 2021), Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, 2021

5. Silver Medal Award, “The Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Well-being of B40 Group”, Graduate Research Exhibition 2021, School of Postgraduate Studies, UTM, 2021

6. First Class Degree Award, CGPA: 3.79, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, 2019

7. Dean List Award, Sem I (3.69), Sem II (3.53), Sem III (3.95), Sem IV (3.87), Sem V (3.67), Sem VI (3.96), Faculty of Psychology and Education,Universiti Malaysia Sabah, 2016 – 2019


Professional Membership:

1. Persatuan Psikologi Malaysia (PSIMA)

2. Persatuan Kaunselor Pendidikan Malaysia (PEKA


Official Correspondence Address:

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences
Wawasan Open University
54, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
10050 Penang

Email Address:

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