Dr. Alexandra Kang

Name of Staff: Dr. Alexandra Kang
Designation: Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: PhD (Operations Management) (USM), MBA (USM), Associate (CGI, UK), ACIS (CS) (CGP) (MAICSA), Diploma In Commerce (Business Management) (TARC)


Course Development Experience:

  • Corporate Governance and Ethics

  • Law and Practice of Meetings

  • Corporate Compliance Management

  • Company Law

  • Corporate Law

  • Corporate Governance

  • Corporate Secretaryship

  • Corporate Secretarial Practice

Course Presentation Experience:

  • Business Administration

  • Organisation Behaviour

  • Service Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Personnel Management

  • Training Management

On-Campus Teaching:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Governance

  • Corporate Governance, Corporate Governance and Ethics

  • Corporate Compliance Management

  • Law and Practice of Meetings

  • Business Law, Company Law, Corporate Law

  • Corporate Secretarial Practice

Research Interest:   

CSR-Governance, Sustainable Transport, Corporate Governance, Company Law.

Selected Publication:

1.      Kang, A.S., K. Jayaraman, Soh, K.L., & Wong, W.P. (2020). Tackling single-occupancy vehicles to reduce carbon emissions: Actionable model of drivers’ implementation intention to try public buses. Journal of Cleaner Production, 260, Article e121111. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.121111

2.      Kang, AS., K. Jayaraman, Soh, KL. & Wong, WP. (2019). Social predictors and implementation intention of drivers to use public bus transport. Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal, 30(2), 307-328. https://doi.org/10.1108/MEQ-07-2017-0070

3.      Kang, AS., K. Jayaraman, Soh, KL. & Wong, WP. (2019). Convenience, flexible service, and commute impedance as the predictors of drivers’ intention to switch and behavioral readiness to use public transport. Transportation Research Part F, 62, 505–519. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.trf.2019.02.005

4.      Kang, AS., & Wong, WP. (2017). Predictors of drivers’ intention and behavioral readiness to use public bus transport. Proceedings of the 12th Asian Academy Management International Conference, Malaysia.

5.      Kang, AS., K. Jeyaraman & Soh, KL. (2015). Commuters’ readiness to use public bus transport. Proceedings of the 4th Asian Management Research and Case Conference, Malaysia.

6.      Kang, AS., K. Jeyaraman & Soh, KL. (2013). Road congestion, vehicles emissions and the intention to use public bus services in Malaysia – A flexible bus utility model. World Transport Policy and Practice, 19(1), pp. 8-24.

7.      Kang, AS., K. Jeyaraman & Soh, KL. (2011). Issues and intention to use public transport in Malaysia – A conceptual model of public bus service. Proceedings of the 9th Asian Academy Management International Conference, Malaysia.

8.      Kang, AS., Intan, O. & Hazlina, H. (2010). Women entrepreneurship in SMMEs Malaysia. Proceedings of the 8th Asian Academy Management International Conference, Malaysia.

Reviewer – Journals

  1. Springer – Environment, Development, and Sustainability
  2. Springer – Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change
  3. Springer Nature
  4. Emerald – International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
  5. SAGE Open
  6. Taylor’s University – TBR Journal

Research Project:  

(a) External Grant

Title: Assessing the role of metaheuristic and machine learning approaches for transfer synchronization in demand responsive transport

Code: 203.PKOMP.6711927

Role: Member

Grant: FRGS

Start/End date: 2020-2023

Research/Sub-research domain: Information and communication technology/Artificial intelligence

(b) Postgraduate Supervision

     (i) Doctor of Business Administration Dissertations (DBA):

  1. Governance, technology, and collaboration as key drivers of success of techno startups
    Completion: on-going
  1. A comparative study of workers’ perception on safety measures and performance between SMEs and MNCs industry
    Completion: on-going
  1. A study of CSR practices impact on consumer buying intention – A case of the furniture industry
    Completion: on-going
  1. Industrialized Building System and corporate sustainability
    Completion: on-going
  1. Corporate social responsibility and property purchase intention
    Completion: on-going

    (ii) Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration Final Year Project (CeMBA)

  1. Corporate sustainability of MDO manufacturing companies
    Completion: on-going

Official Correspondence Address:

School of Business and Administration,
Wawasan Open University
54, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang Malaysia

Email Address:



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