WOU programme gets nod of approval from professional logistics body

WOU’s business degree programme in logistics and supply chain management (BBLC) has received professional accreditation from the Society of Logisticians, Malaysia (LogM). The outcome of a long-standing partnership between WOU and LogM, this recognition is a testament of the programme’s quality in meeting the industry standards of the logistics sector in Malaysia.

The strategic alliance was officially sealed with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) by WOU Chief Executive and Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Lily Chan, and LogM President, Prof Log Ts Chang Kah Loon, at the WOU main campus on 17 July 2023.

Sealing the strategic partnership to advance logistics training and education.

Under the MoA, LogM will facilitate the admission of BBLC students as student members of the body. Both parties may also jointly organise seminars, conferences, webinars and forums, and collaborate on research projects, effectively equipping students and professionals with the relevant knowledge and skills to thrive in the dynamic logistics industry.

In welcoming the collaboration, Prof Chan said that “the degree opens up opportunities to a lucrative career in the logistics industry, such as in logistics planning, supply chain management and warehouse management”. She highlighted that students and faculty members can take advantage of the networking opportunities offered by LogM, adding, “Our students can connect with the logistics students of other universities.”

She emphasised the need for Malaysia to urgently address the shortage of skilled logistics workers, especially in Penang. “We can benefit from the input of LogM into our degree programme so that it matches the needs of industry for skilled logistic professionals.”

LogM’s recognition will boost the image of our degree programme, says Prof Chan.

Meanwhile Prof Chang shared that the logistics profession has a rich history spanning more than 100 years. He explained, “A logistician is responsible for commanding the movement of ships and the entire world’s transactions, planning the production and international trade, and driving economic growth for organisations.”

Logisticians bear heavy responsibilities in ensuring that international trade or global businesses are carried out smoothly without any hiccups, he pointed out.

Prof Chang assured WOU of LogM’s commitment in ensuring a sufficient number of qualified logisticians to serve the country’s needs. “We have one humble objective – that is to make sure your logistics students can be skilled or trained before they enter the industry workforce.”

There are less than 3,000 professional logisticians in the country, says Prof Chang.

In addition to the professional accreditation granted by LogM, he also announced two special awards for outstanding students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements. The WOU-LogM Best Student Award of a cash prize and medal will be conferred upon the top BBLC graduate during WOU’s convocation ceremony, while the LogM President’s Award medals will be presented to deserving students at LogM’s event.

Founded in 2010, LogM serves as the professional body that confers the title of “Logistician”, or “Log”, to recognise qualified logisticians in Malaysia, which may include academic and practising logisticians in the fields of logistics, transport and supply chain.

WOU and LogM will join forces to train logistics students.

The signing of the agreement was witnessed by Dean of the School of Business and Administration, Prakash V Arumugam, and LogM Secretary General, Log Leong Kin Wah. Also present were LogM National Management Council members and WOU faculty members.

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