WOU-ICCHP Asia team up to provide psychological first aid

PENANG: Wawasan Open University (WOU) is collaborating with the International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioners (ICCHP) Asia to provide free psychological first aid to those needing help during the Covid-19 pandemic. With this initiative, WOU and ICCHP want to support the community, especially the frontliners, for their untiring work and sacrifice.

The ICCHP Asia has a team of 16 professionals, including six psychiatrists, to offer support over the phone. The aim of this collaboration is to convey the message that ‘You Are Not Alone’ and to encourage people to reach out for emotional support. All conversations will remain private and confidential.

In the current pandemic, the doctors, healthcare workers and the uniformed personnel such as the police, army and other volunteers, are overwhelmed by workload. They are forced to deal with the magnitude of Covid-19 cases, various medical and personal/family challenges, and with the implementation of measures to halt the transmissions. The survivors of the virus and those affected by Covid-19 deaths in their family will undoubtedly be distraught too.

Students from across the country who are doing complete online learning remotely from their homes, are also encouraged to call in if they are feeling stressed during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period. They may face the stress of studying, working and interacting with family members, all in an enclosed home environment.

Those in need of psychological first aid can find the support they need under this WOU-ICCHP Asia initiative. The ICCHP professionals are here to listen and offer help over the phone.

ICCHP Asia Regional Director Synthia Surin said: “Fear and anxiety about Covid-19 can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. Coping with stress will make the individual, the people they care about, and the whole community stronger. We are teaming up with WOU to give support to anyone across the country overcome by stress and anxiety at this time.”

Feel free to call ICCHP Asia from 9am to 9pm daily from now until April 30 as per below, or email icchpcovid19@gmail.com to arrange a convenient time to chat: 0124447032 / 0169271240/ 0124856404 (9am-12pm);

  • 0123021262 / 0124080675/ 0123741558 (12pm-3pm);

  • 0174777746 / 0124736830 / 0164979876 (3pm-6pm);

  • 0122212906 / 0195645868 / 0124252962 (6pm-9pm)


Students can contact the WOU toll-free careline no. 1-300-888-968 and be re-directed to ICCHP on request.

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