Unlocking Career Opportunities with DiGiT

The School of Digital Technology (DiGiT) Senior Lecturers Dr Lee Heng Wei and Dr Andrew Tan Kiam Lam welcomed 18 new students for the May intake at Bangunan Wawasan for the on-campus learning (OCL) DiGiT orientation on 12 May 2022. Thirteen of the students are from the Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) (Application Development) [BDSE] programme, while another five are from the Bachelor of Digital Business (Honours) [BDBS] programme.

Dr Lee provided a brief overview of DiGiT, explaining that the two “i’s” are not capitalised as the programmes include industrial integration. The learning design of DiGiT consists of lectures, followed by flipped class sessions, assignments and tutorial sessions.     

Programme briefing by Dr Lee.

“WOU lecturers will conduct the lectures, while industrial specialists will lead the flipped class sessions, where they will help you review what you have learnt during classes,” he said.

The industry-based assignments are designed by the industrial experts, and students will be mentored along the way with tutorial sessions by WOU lecturers.  

Dr Andrew’s sharing on BDSE.

Wan Aman Bin Wan Aikhsan, a BDSE student from Penang, shared that despite having a diploma in mechatronics engineering, he was intrigued with the programming aspect.  

“By the time I receive my degree, I would already have three years of work experience as WOU offers industrial training during the second year. It would be advantageous for me to have the experience because it is in high demand, particularly in the working industry,” he said.

Briefing session with the students.

He believes that this programme will provide him practical software and coding skills, allowing him to apply his knowledge to real-world projects throughout his time at WOU and in the future. Aman’s long-term goal is to work for international corporations where he can gain new skills and expertise.

A BDSE student from Alor Setar, Kedah, Bryan William De Netto, shared his passion for software engineering after earning a diploma in web programming.

“I wanted to continue my education, so I looked into WOU’s curriculum and decided to enrol. This degree will undoubtedly provide me with more opportunities as well as the necessary experience and skills for the future,” he said. 

Campus tour for the students of DiGiT.

WOU also offers FlexLearn, a learning support and management system that provides all the information the students require and announcements from DiGiT. “If you want to learn more about the courses you are taking, you can click on the course overview to know what to expect each semester,” Dr Lee highlighted.

Following Dr Lee and Dr Andrew’s programme briefings, students were given a campus tour, as well as an introduction to “#projectkasihlokal” and student activities to round off the day.

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