Students Awarded for their Final Year Dissertation Poster

WOU savoured a joyful occasion when two Master of Arts in Psychology (MAPS) students were presented with an award for their final research thesis poster by Mediate Nexus and Nurture a Fast Network (MNNF Network).

Dato’ Che Seow Foon and Tan Siang Hee were honoured as the Gold Award Winners under the category of Master Social Sciences and Humanities for the Final Year Project & Postgraduate: Research & Innovation Poster Competition (RIPC) Series 1/2022. They were supervised by WOU School of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences Lecturer, Dr Chong Chew Wuei.

Gold Award Winner, Dato’ Che Seow Foon.

Dato’ Che’s research thesis poster, “Decoy Effect in Malaysia: Influence of the Label of Price Per Unit” intends to determine the decoy effect (consumers switch their preferences when provided with a third alternative) in Malaysia.

It also examines the impact of incorporating price per unit on the decoy effect. According to the statistics, it implies that the Malaysian sample has a decoy effect, which is exacerbated by the price per unit.

MAPS student, Tan Siang Hee wins the research poster competition.

Tan’s thesis titled “Factors Influencing Adoption of Cashless Payment Systems in Malaysia” focuses on determining the aspects that affect the decision making of individuals to adopt cashless payment. 

Additionally, it seeks to identify whether age is a contributing factor. The results present a new model that recognises the elements that individuals consider when deciding whether to adopt cashless transactions.

The competition’s purpose is to offer students a platform to demonstrate and discuss their final year project, dissertation and thesis, as well as to promote innovation and research culture among them.

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