Students at WOU Strive for Every Child’s Happiness

Passion and commitment can make a significant difference to others when engaging in charitable endeavours – and it goes a long way.

Ten dedicated students from several WOU programmes came together to start a food-selling fundraiser in the hopes of spreading joy and happiness to the children at Salvation Army. The event took place at the seaside main campus on 17, 20 and 21 October 2022.

Team leader and student of Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Management (BBMG), Teresa Gasper further explained her team’s purpose to raise funds for the children at Salvation Army, noting that “Christmas is in two months’ time and we want to get them presents during the holiday season”.

Gasper (3rd from the left) with her fellow team members during the fundraiser.

They started by holding a brainstorming session to share their ideas, during which various proposals were made. “Initially, some of our team members opposed the idea of the fundraising event, but we were able to persuade them by outlining the positive effects that would occur, and now everyone is contributing,” Gasper said.

Each student had a specific responsibility to fulfil; some were in charge of finding food suppliers, while the others were in charge of the logistics of the meals. There were many different foods available, including Nasi Lemak, curry puffs, nuggets and orange cordial.

People were gathered to support the students.

Prior to the event, the students visited the orphanage and organised activities and a sharing session on 15 October 2022. After spending time with the children, they developed a connection that fueled their desire to complete their mission.

Gasper stated that the fundraiser’s first day was a little challenging, but things improved on days two and three when they were able to sell the food more rapidly. “Despite the ups and downs through all of this, we have put in a lot of effort to make this fundraiser a success,” she shared.

By the end of the second day, the students believed they have achieved more than half of their initial fundraising goals, and they expressed their sincere satisfaction with the results. They were able to raise a total fund of RM445.30 for the children.

A bunting banner was placed in front of the cafeteria to promote the fundraiser.

One of the most important principles Gasper has developed as a team leader is building and fostering a culture of teamwork. She emphasised that there are ten of them, making it challenging to manage a group of that size.

“We all had so many suggestions and viewpoints, which occasionally resulted in disagreements. But in the end, we were able to come to an understanding, and we learnt how to work together,” she highlighted.  

The donation tin for the children at Salvation Army.

Ch’ng Ping Ping, lecturer of WOU Centre for Foundation Studies, expressed her happiness with the students’ accomplishments, noting that they were able to acquire soft skills including decision-making, communication, team work, conflict management and problem-solving.

“The planning and execution of the event demonstrates that they were successful in achieving their project’s goals, which included raising funds for Salvation Army and raising awareness on the needs of this home,” she said.

WOU will contribute a matching sum equivalent to the amount raised by the students along with offering the administrative support.  

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