Skills Application is Key to Employability, says Dean

Graduates will be unemployable if they fail to absorb and apply the knowledge and skillsets that come with a university degree.

WOU’s Dean of the School of Business & Administration (SBA), Prakash V Arumugam, was delivering his welcoming remarks during the On-Campus Learning (OCL) orientation on 7 January 2022. The event was held on-site at the Penang main campus and streamed live via Zoom.

Students attending the orientation at the main campus.

He shared that WOU has to date produced over 400 OCL graduates since its commencement of the first intake in September 2013.

He said graduates will not be able to secure employment if they just possess “a piece of paper’ without gaining the knowledge and skillsets that come with the degree.

Prakash also urged the students to participate in the events and activities organised by the OCL Student Council. He said this will force them to learn “organisational skills, time management skills, self-discipline, leadership, communication, problem-solving and critical thinking”.

Prakash highlighted the importance of having a ‘Think Tomorrow’ mindset.

He said that WOU has an advantage over other higher learning institutions since it caters to adult learners, adding, “We know how to infuse what the industry needs into the lessons we deliver to the students. Moreover, the lecturers have adequate industry experience as well.” He continued, “This is an excellent campus with a heritage building in front and the sea at the back. Not many universities can boast of such a landscape.”

Over 30 new students joined WOU for the OCL January 2022 semester, mostly from SBA, besides the School of Digital Technology (DiGiT) and the School of Education, Humanities & Social Sciences (SEHS). They come from programmes like management, accounting, finance, digital business and technology.

WOU academics and staff pose with the freshmen.

Prakash also elaborated on WOU’s current tagline, Think Tomorrow, which he said reflects the University’s philosophy of always reinventing itself. “We are always changing and improving, for the sake of the student community.”

He advised the students to likewise look at how the decisions they make and the knowledge they gain now will help them in the future. “Think about tomorrow. When you learn something today, think how to apply it tomorrow

An ice-breaking session.

He summed up: “The University is a place where you should be training yourself, learning knowledge and acquiring skillsets.”

Meanwhile Dean of SEHS, Dr Thomas Chow, called on the freshmen to engage the lecturers on the online platforms to discuss their concerns and seek guidance on academic-related matters. “The university community is all behind you during your journey,” he assured.

Dr Chow, Dean of the School of Education, Humanities & Social Sciences.

The freshmen were briefed on WOU’s learning support services and taken on a tour of the campus, where they engaged in a few ice-breaking activities.

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