Reaching out to Tanah Sutera – with WOU programmes

The Johor Bahru Regional Office conducted a programme preview at the Tanah Sutera Development Sdn Bhd main headquarters in Johor Bahru.

The preview at Tanah Sutera was attended by about 15 staff from accounting, sales, and administration, including deputy general manager Koh Moo Hing.

Dr Ng Peng Long conducts the programme preview.


The JBRO followed this up with another preview at the Sutera Mall Commercial Centre, which is managed by Tanah Sutera, on December 15th. The senior centre manager, Goh Lak Jin, and some 20 staff from advertising and promotion, graphic design, IT, and general services and administration, attended

The purpose of both previews was to promote the WOU programmes and explain to the staff how they can pursue tertiary qualifications while continuing to work full-time. They also learnt about the WOU Study Grant and the other financial incentives available.

JBRO director Dr Ng Peng Long said that the centre manager was very supportive of WOU’s call for his staff to register for studies to upgrade themselves professionally. At the closing, Mr Goh shared from his own experience on how he had studied part-time while busy with work and family commitments, and urged the staff to sign up.


According to Dr Ng, the JBRO has proposed the corporate Valued Partnership Programme (VPP) to Tanah Sutera and Sutera Mall to persuade more staff to enrol for studies with WOU. He said the staff were generally interested, with some taking away application forms or making appointments to register during the upcoming Open Days.

The staff learn about the various programmes offered.


The first preview at Tanah Sutera was accomplished through the initial contact that JBRO had established with the general manager, Steven Shum, while the subsequent preview at Sutera Mall was made possible due to the support from Mr Goh.

Dr Ng remarked: “The previews at Tanah Sutera and Sutera Mall not only help us to promote WOU programmes to their staff, but also serve to strengthen our market visibility as a preferred open distance learning institution for working adults interested in upgrading their academicqualifications.”

The JBRO has set its sights on encouraging a large group from Tanah Sutera and Sutera Mall to sign up for studies at WOU. “This will be good for our market position and will help to increase market awareness in the southern region,” added Dr Ng.

Tanah Sutera is a leading property developer in Johor Bahru, while its shopping centre, Sutera Mall, is a popular, heavily frequented shopping mall in the state.



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