Ms Ramona Binti Ramli

Name of Staff: Ms Ramona Binti Ramli
Designation: Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: Master of Computer Science (UPM); Bachelor of Computer Science (UPM) 

Research Interest:    Trust computation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Software Validation and Verification.     

Selected Publications: 

  1. ASMIDAR BTE ABU BAKAR, Ramona binti Ramli, Md Nabil Bin Ahmad Zawawi; Cybersecurity Risk Assessment: Modeling Factors Associated With Higher Education Institutions; International Journal Of Advanced Computer Science And Applications (Ijacsa); Volume :13, Issue No :5, pp 1-6, ISSN : 2156-5570 ; 31 May 2022; Journal; SCOPUS.
  2. MOAMIN A MAHMOUD, Ramona binti Ramli; A Systematic Review On The Energy Efficiency Of Dynamic Clustering In A Heterogeneous Environment Of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSND) ; Electronics; Volume :11, Issue No :18, pp 1-20, ; 08 Sep 2022; Journal; ISI.
  3. Ramona binti Ramli; A Software Engineering Approach In Netball Performance Analysis: Training And Activities Features For Automatic Players Position Selection; ICIMU2020; ; 11 Nov 2020; IEEE; SCOPUS
  4. Ramli, R., Bakar, A. A., Ismail, R., & Mohamad, A. H. (2021). Fuzzy-based trust model to evaluate customer trust towards online SNSs sellers. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education, 12(3), 1930–1935. Journal; SCOPUS.
  5. Ramli, R., Ibrahim, M.Z.A, Bakar, A. A., & Mohamad, A. H. (2021). Selection of Trusted Organic Food Sellers on Instagram Using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education, 12(3), 1981–1986. Journal; SCOPUS.
  6. Ramli, R., Bakar, A. A., and Rahim, F. A. (2022). What Influences Customer’ s Trust on Online Social Network Sites (SNSs ) Sellers ? International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), 13(2), 1–9. Journal; SCOPUS.
  7. MOAMIN A MAHMOUD, Ramona binti Ramli, Raja Feninferina binti Raja Azman, Y.M.; A Development Methodology Framework Of Smart Manufacturing Systems (Industry 4.0); International Journal On Advanced Science, Engineering And Information Technology; Volume :10, Issue No :5, pp 1927-1932, ISSN :2088-5334; 01 Nov 2020; Journal; SCOPUS
  8. ASMIDAR BTE ABU BAKAR, ABDUL RAHIM AHMAD, Salman Bin Yussof, Fiza Binti Abdul Rahim, Ramona binti Ramli, ROSLAN ISMAIL; Privacy Preserving Features Selection For Data Mining Using Machine Learning Algorithms; 2020 8Th International Conference On Information Technology And Multimedia (ICIMU); pp 109-113, ISSN :ISBN: 978-1-7281-7310-8; 11 Nov 2020; IEEE; SCOPUS
  9. Ramona binti Ramli, ASMIDAR BTE ABU BAKAR; Developing And Validating An Instrument To Measure The Trust Effect Towards Instagram Sellers; Advances In Electronics EngineeringProceedings Of The Iccee 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Volume :619, pp 281-289, ISSN :978-981-15-1288-9; 01 Jan 2020; Advances in Electronics Engineering- Springer ; SCOPUS
  10. Ramona binti Ramli, ASMIDAR BTE ABU BAKAR; Evaluating Customer Trust Towards Online Snss Sellers UsingFuzzy Ahp; Journal Of Physics: Conference Series; Volume :1529, Issue No :5, pp1-8, ISSN :1742-6596; 17 Jun 2020; Conference Proceeding; SCOPUS

Industry Consultancy, Research Experiences and Award: 

  1. Research Grant: Cyber Resilience Metric: Integrating Cyber Hygiene Behaviour and Energy Infostructure Resilience Capabilities (TS Leo Maggie Distinguished Chair in Energy Informatics Chair 2022
  2. Research Grant: Optimization of the school transportation services via location-based reminder approach, Yayasan Canselor UNITEN Community Grant 2022
  3. Winner for Test Design Competition in SOFTEC2014 (First Place winner), SOFTEC 2016 (Third place winner), SOFTEC 2017 (Second Place winner) and SOFTEC 2019 (Second Place winner)
  4. Bronze Medal for E-Iqra’ Application in Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2017
  5. Silver Medal for E-Iqra’ Application in ITEX (2017)
  6. Gold Award for E-Iqra’ Application in Information and Communications Technology Research Competition (ICTReC’17)
  7. The Most Innovative Product for E-Iqra’ Application in Information and Communications Technology Research Competition (ICTReC’17)
  8. Silver Medal for ITEX 2018
  9. Teaching Awards: Blended Learning (BL) Awards for Semester 1, 2021/2022

Official Correspondence Address

School of Digital Technology
Wawasan Open University
54, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
10050 Penang

Email Address

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