Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Primary Education

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The programme is for those who want to have a career in the field of primary school education. If you are already in one, the programme will upgrade your knowledge and teaching skills.

It provides knowledge of contemporary theories and research related to primary school education. You will learn to become a teacher skilled in curriculum innovation, school management reform and leadership to bring about continuous improvement.

The programme combines educational theories with practical classroom experience so that you will have good subject knowledge and sound professional skills to be an effective teacher. Those with Diploma or Certificate of Education can pursue an education degree for professional development and lifelong learning to enrich their lives.

  • Fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)
  • Recognised by the Public Service Department (JPA)

Fully Accredited




Flexible Learning Hours

Weekend Classes

APEL (C) Application

Cost-Saving and Faster Programme Completion

Teaching Practicum

Can Be Conducted In the Workplace

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”
Helen Hayes

Top Core Courses

Fundamentals that will build you up to stay relevant and excellent today, tomorrow and beyond.

Introduction to Pedagogy

This course features the basics of pedagogy and explores many questions as to what it means to be a teacher, the creation of  purposeful learning environments and the moral, ethical and legal obligations of a teacher.

Curriculum Assessment

This course provides  knowledge on assessment construction and conducting assessments, aspects of assessment-related issues and alternative assessments.

e-Learning for Teachers

This course explores online learning and how it can be used to enhance both teaching and learning in the classroom and promote individual professional development.

Education in a Globalised World

This course helps give a critical understanding of the global perspectives and practices of education around the world.

Teaching Practice and Internship

This course offers the opportunity to put theory to practice and experience the teaching profession with dedicated support from experienced teachers.

Learning Path

Students will gain the basic knowledge of Malaysian culture, as well as learning skills in an ODL environment to ensure they are prepared for ODL studies.

Students will be equipped with the basic theories and principles of pedagogy and language teaching.

Students will learn how to develop pedagogical skill sets such as lesson planning, curriculum development, testing and assessment, inclusive education and educational technology.

Students will discover the practical applications of classroom management and classroom practices of primary school language teaching and assessment.

Students will get the opportunity to put their theories into practice and research during their teaching practice.

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