Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (Hons)

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Far more than a regular degree, the programme aims to disseminate life-enhancing and all-rounded education that will help you adapt to changing environments and prepare you for a wide variety of career opportunities. It is designed to equip you with communication and interpersonal skills to help you convey convincing messages, rational yet creative thinking to solve problem in various settings and a broad knowledge base that adds value to your ideas and practices.

Flexible Structure For Integrated Learning

Courses from Various Disciplines in Social Sciences and Humanities

Quality of Student Experience

Critical Insight and Independent Thought Processes for Scholarly Excellence

Holistic and Lifelong Learning

Elevates Self-Understanding and Global Understanding of People

Focus on Soft Skills

Excellent Communication, Ability to Work with Others and Adapt to Work Environment

Flexible Distance Learning

Full Support and Guidance from Experienced and Qualified Instructors

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”
Helen Hayes

Top Core Courses

Fundamentals that will build you up to stay relevant and excellent today, tomorrow and beyond.

Introduction to Humanities

This course introduces and explores the philosophic and artistic heritage of humanity expressed through a historical perspective in visual arts, music, and literature in the early, middle, and modern periods.

Exploring Social Sciences

This course discusses popular theories of personality development, as well as  evaluates functions of the family and variations in family patterns, religion and its role in society, class consciousness in society and political and socio-economic problems.

Discovering Science and Technology

This course examines an array of topics ranging from the sociological theories of science and technology, the transformation brought about by technology, as well as the consequences of science and technology on society.

Principles of Social Research

This course introduces students to the issues of conducting research, including good ethics and plagiarism, planning and conducting research and  the philosophical debates on research that relate to students' understanding of knowledge, paradigms, disciplines and ways of making sense of the surrounding world.

Psychology of Creativity

This course enables students to understand and apply the fundamentals of creative problem-solving in the face of social constraints and challenges. It aims to help students view creativity from a cross-cultural perspective and learn to be creative within and beyond the social constraints in society. 

Learning Path

Students will be acquainted with the skills and knowledge required to do well in  university. Students will develop core skills in academic study, plus skills in writing, communicating and learning.

Students will learn the foundation and gain competent knowledge in core academic disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Students can select various courses from different disciplines in the social sciences and humanities in the electives, including from psychology, business, history and sociology.

Students will be equipped with a myriad of skills that are required to apply knowledge, critical and creative thinking, judgment and independent thinking, in addition to analysing and problem-solving in academic work and daily life.

Students will continue to increase their aptitude in the disciplines and be able to apply what they have learned by  demonstrating competent quantitative and qualitative reasoning and knowledge of research methods to accomplish scholarly excellence.

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