Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)

Learn and apply Sustainable Development Goals, standards and capacity building for organisations.

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"Changes in technology, climate, work habits and consumer preferences are making it essential for companies to rethink traditional business models. "



The challenges faced today require business strategies that place environmental stewardship and social responsibility at the heart of each company’s value proposition.

Our Professional Certificate in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is designed to educate individuals and organizations on the importance of considering the impacts of business decisions on the environment, society, and corporate governance. Businesses and investors now use ESG as a critical lens to evaluate risk, sustainability, and ethical responsibility.

You will acquire a basic understanding of ESG in this course, as well as an appreciation of its significance in the current corporate environment and how it influences investment and business decision-making.

This carefully designed programme supports the i-ESG- Phase 1.0 “Just Transition (2024–2026)” initiative by the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), which aims to provide knowledge and skills to enable Malaysian SMEs to start their ESG journeys. The programme fulfils two components of i-ESG namely (i) Standards and (ii) Capacity Building. Upon completion of all the eight modules, you will be awarded a Professional Certification in ESG issued by WOU Academy. Participants who complete individual modules will be awarded a Certificate of Completion of the particular module.

This programme is ideal for:

• Accountants

• Bankers & Financiers

• Corporate Executives and Board Members

• Credit Executive/Manager

• Entrepreneurs & SMEs Owners

• Investment Professionals

• Government agencies

• Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

• Students and Academics

• Sustainability and CSR Managers

• Anyone Interested in ESG Practices

Programme Modules

Module1: ESG Principles
Content text
Module 2: Environmental Sustainability
Content text
Module 3: Social Responsibility
Content text
Module 4: Corporate Governance
Content text
Module 5: Ethical Investing
Content text
Module 6: ESG Reporting and Communication
Content text
Module 7: ESG Integration in Valuation
Content text
Module 8: ESG Strategies and Implementation
Content text

Meet your


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gary Tan Peng Liang

Executive Dean, SBA

As an enthusiastic and committed ESG training specialist, Dr. Gary Tan – who is also the
Executive Dean at Wawasan Open University (WOU) – has many years of expertise coaching
individuals and organizations about the concepts, tactics, and best practices associated with
Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) challenges. He is renowned for delivering
powerful and captivating training programmes that promote ethical business conduct and
positive social impact.

Dr. Gary Tan currently oversees the curation of the ESG curriculum for undergraduate and
postgraduate programmes at WOU with the goal of creating more employment opportunities in
Malaysia’s ESG sector. He is also leading the university’s relationship with the ESG
Association of Malaysia to advance ESG research and development in accordance with MITI’s
i-ESG framework – Phase 1.0 ” Just Transition (2024–2026)”.

His specialized ESG training programmes such as ‘An introduction to ESG’ and ‘Advanced
Sustainability Strategies’ workshops are sought after by many corporate clients. Under his
leadership, WOU is positioned to become a major provider in cultivating ESG knowledge and
skills among Malaysian SMEs.

Dr. Anbalagan Krishnan is a seasoned HRDC trainer with a proven track record of coaching
enterprises and professionals on ESG concepts and sustainable practices. He also serves as the
Deputy Dean at Wawasan Open University (WOU), is a member of CPA (Aust), MICPA (Mal)
and earned his PhD (Mgmt. Acct).
He has delivered numerous training courses for oil and gas firms such as Petronas as well as
other corporate entities such as Sarawak Energy, Bintulu Development Authorities, and others.
He leads WOU to train Malaysian SMEs on ESG compliance under the framework of MITI’s
i-ESG framework-Phase 1.0 “Just Transition (2024-2026)”.
Under his direction, WOU and the ESG Association of Malaysia are working together to do
research and development in the ESG field. His research endeavours enable him to convert his
findings into knowledge and practice. Additionally, he mentors doctoral candidates working on
ESG research projects at WOU.
He presented several research papers at reputable international conferences organised in
countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australia and Malaysia and has published
extensively in accredited international journals.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Anbalagan Krishnan

Deputy Dean, SBA

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