Ms Ooi Wen Hui

Name of Staff: Ooi Wen Hui
Designation: Lecturer
Qualifications: M.Eng, B.Eng (Hons) Communication and Computer Engineering (UKM)

Course Development Experience:

Course team member for the following courses:
> Telecommunication Principles
> Antenna & Propagation
> Information Theory 

Research Interest:   

Satellite Communication, Wireless Communication System, Digital and Data Communication System 

Selected Publications:   

Ooi Wen Hui, Mandeep J.S, Abdullah M., Tariqul M., Ismail M., Suparta W., Yatim B, Menon P.S, Abdullah H., “Modified ITU-R Rain Attenuation Model for Equatorial Climate”, IEEE International Conference Space Science and Communication (IconSpace),pp. 89-92, July 2011. 


Official Correspondence Address:

School of Science and Technology
Wawasan Open University
54, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
10050 Penang 

Email Address:

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