Mind mapping for better memory and interaction of WOU students

WOU’s Penang Student Association (PSA) in collaboration with the Penang Regional Office organised a one-day workshop on Buzan Mind Mapping (Tertiary Level) at the main campus.

In the session Dr Janice Toh Guat Guan, a Buzan licensed instructor, helped the participants to discover their brain functions and encouraged creativity, reflective thinking and independent thinking. They also learned how mind mapping can sharpen their learning, memory and thinking skills.


Dr Janice explains mind-mapping.



An active ‘mind mapper’ herself, Dr Janice is living proof that mind mapping is not a fad but a skill that can mastered by everyone. She recalled how she had used mind mapping during the thesis presentation for her PhD studies. “I was able to map the information on my head and just retrieve what is needed when questions were posed by the panel of interviewers,” she said confidently.

Besides learning and teaching, mind mapping can also be applied to project management and organisation, notes-taking, presentation, events planning and brainstorming. 

Mind-mapping is a creativity and productivity enhancing skill relevant to today’s workplace where employees are supposed to think ‘out of the box’. “With a little practice, you will be able to see the wonders of mind mapping in your life and unleash the infinite potentials within your brain,” said Dr Janice, who is also a tutor of WOU.

WOU student Chan Lee Chin.


The workshop was attended by a group of 11 students from WOU. PSA president Chan Lee Chin found the session extremely beneficial as it “opens up the mind and helps to simplify complicated things or to communicate difficult concepts in a manner easy for people to understand. It breaks down details into specific key words or characters in one mind map.”

Chan said mind mapping helps her to capture and convey the key points of information, adding that this comes in handy when dealing with kids at home, or suppliers and vendors in her line or work and with people generally.

Practical activity for the participants.



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