Lure of the majestic campus and affordable fee

The May 2018 intake for on-campus learning (OCL) drew students to the full-time business degree programmes offered at WOU. Here 3 students share what led to them to the University during the orientation held at the main campus today.


*Tang Khai Wen, 20, from Sungai Ara, enrolled in Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (BBLC). He holds a Diploma in Business from INTI International College, Penang.

“My neighbour, Ong Yang Shan Xu, recommended me to study here. He is a CeMBA graduate from WOU. He told me that WOU is very good and has very nice facilities, library and view that combine to give a relaxed atmosphere for studying.

“I did my own survey before I registered. I also talked to my parents, who were at first afraid of the quality of the certificate. After Ong shared how his employer at Dell recognised WOU’s MBA degree when recruiting him, my parents were fine with a WOU degree.”

Tan’s father is a self-employed technician and his mother a full-time homemaker. He has a younger brother still in school.

“I like this programme as I am interested in business. I want to become self-employed like my dad. I plan to get some work experience first before I start my own business, preferably as a used car dealer, selling vehicles online and also from a physical facility. I hope to learn about logistics at WOU as a lot of companies now need people with logistics skills.”


*Logitha Lakshmi Thiagarajan, 22, from Sri York, enrolled in the Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Sales and Marketing (BBSM) programme.  She holds a Diploma in Marketing from Politeknik Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah, Kedah.


“While I was studying at Convent Light Street, I often pass by as my house is nearby. I was impressed as the campus looks nice, with a wonderful sea view. When I was looking to do a degree, I searched online to check on the programmes offered at WOU. When I found out about BBSM, I came here to consult and get more information, especially on the courses, and being satisfied, I decided to enrol.

“My decision was first of all based on the programme since I had done my diploma in marketing and could get credit transfer. Next, the fees are quite affordable. I discussed with my parents, and they left the choice up to me. I want to be a lecturer one day. So my plan is to later take up a Master’s in the same field.”

Her father is a businessman dealing in scraps and metals and her mother is a homemaker. She has one younger brother studying for his diploma in mechatronics.  


*Muhammad Danial Irwan Zuhaimi, 22, from Tanjung Bungah, is embarking on his Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Management (BBMG) programme. He obtained his Diploma in Business Administration from KDU Penang University College.

“I was a walk-in. I had seen the banners and became interested. After seeing the banners, I actually made some research on the Internet. Then I decided to come here. I was attracted to the cost and the very friendly staff here. The price is not that bad for such a good looking university. I signed on immediately. I also walked around and looked at the place. I like it here.

“I am taking BBMG for a better career.  I am interested in working in management, particularly high-level management. I know I have to work hard for it. Therefore at WOU, I hope to learn how to manage things properly, do things in an orderly fashion.”

His father is a banker in Alor Setar, working at management level, and his mother a full-time homemaker.  He is the second of three siblings, with his elder brother employed in audit management at a private college while his younger sister is studying Form Five.


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