Increase your market value as a Certified Project Manager

Employers around the world are looking for certified project managers with Project Management Professional (PMP) credentials to lead and direct projects at the workplace.

Ir Dr Mui Kai Yin, consultant and project director of Career Growth Sdn Bhd, said the PMP is the most popular of the 12 professional certifications administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a global leader on project management. He was speaking on PMI’s professional qualifications at a virtual talk organised by WOU’s School of Science and Technology (SST) and Kuching Regional Centre on 9 April 2022.

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The PMI, with headquarters in US, has more than 680,000 members in over 215 countries, and in different industries. “There are over 1.2 million active PMPs globally. The PMP certification is a licensed project management qualification, and employers want certified project managers.”

Dr Mui is involved with the PMP training at PMI, where he has helped thousands of project management managers and leaders in Malaysia to become certified project managers in the last 12 years.

A list of PMI certifications.

He highlighted the benefits of becoming a certified project manager. “You are a globally recognised project management professional. The certification shows that you have the knowledge, skills and competency to lead the team and project. This provides confidence and assurance to the employer.”

He said the PMP credential also increases your market value. “Certified project managers are able to command a higher salary and remuneration package than non-certified professionals, based on PMI’s latest survey of Malaysia and worldwide,” he added.

The speaker, Ir. Dr Mui Kai Yin.

Anyone with the academic qualification (at least a diploma/degree), along with the required project management experience and training, can apply to sit for the PMP exam, he asserted. Candidates are tested on their knowledge with questions relating to tasks like how to manage people and conflict, promote team performance, manage communications, assess and manage risks, engage stakeholders, plan and manage schedules, and manage project changes.

The requirements for the PMP exam.

During Q & A, he reiterated the importance of a PMP certification. “Most companies are involved in some kind of projects, and this certification will open up job opportunities and broaden your career path.”

WOU, through SST, offers several undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including the Bachelor of Technology (Honours) in Construction Management (BTCM), the MBA in Construction Management (MBACM), and the MBA in Manufacturing & Production Management (MBAMPM).

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