Hypnotherapy Course Has Broadened Horizons of Graduates

The clinical hypnotherapy community consists of students, graduates, practising therapists and healthcare professionals from all around the world who share a common passion for clinical hypnosis and aiding those in need. 

This was conveyed by Founder and Principal of the International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioners (ICCHP), Tod Cury during his recorded speech on 3 September 2022. WOU and the ICCHP held a graduation ceremony for 24 graduates of the Certificate in Introductory Integrative Evidence-based Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (CHyp) at the seaside main campus.

The graduates during the introduction of the ceremony.

He said that the ICCHP programmes have the highest levels of accreditation recognition available for clinical hypnosis learning. In addition, the British Psychological Society (BPS) has validated and approved the courses of the ICCHP and it allows graduates to practise worldwide.

“The courses integrate all hypnotherapeutic approaches with evidence-based psychotherapy. You are not just taught techniques or processes, but you will learn to develop the clinical skills needed to practise in the real world with clients and patients,” he highlighted.

Jasmine Emmanuel, WOU’s Head of Centre for Foundation Studies, stated that batches one and two from this graduation class has endured and overcame uncertain challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jasmine Emmanuel congratulates the graduates for their hard work and dedication.

“Along with developing your clinical hypnosis skills, you also adapted a growth mindset during this challenging period, which surely enhanced you and boosted your inner strength and professional advancement,” she said.

Executive Director of StudyPENANG, Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Khoo Boo Lim was among those in attendance. He shared that Penang is ideally situated at the heart of Southeast Asia and is gifted with numerous advantageous characteristics, such as affordable cost of living, multiculturalism, national corporations, and internationally renowned tourism hotspots.

Dr Khoo delivers his remarks about Penang.

“With the support from Penang Global Tourism, our mission is to raise public awareness of the education sector, exploit the top-notch resources available for trade, and meet the nation’s growing demand for talent,” he highlighted.

Meanwhile, Regional Director of ICCHP Asia, Synthia Surin expressed her gratitude towards her dedicated team of colleagues who worked tirelessly for the achievement of ICCHP Asia and her sincere appreciation to the Penang State Government for the trust they have accorded during these years.

Synthia Surin from ICCHP Asia.

Following the presentation of certificates by Assoc Prof Dr Thomas Chow Voon Foo, Dean of WOU’s School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (SEHS), hypnotherapist graduate representative Richard John Monaghan gave his remarks adding that “we must acknowledge that our life experiences, trauma, and emotional issues are concealed from our conscious awareness in order to better understand ourselves through self-discovery and hypnotherapy”.

“None of these experiences and discoveries would have been possible without Miss Synthia Surin’s vision and efforts, which included caring for and treating thousands of adults and adolescents as well as preventing suicides,” he emphasised.

Group photo of the graduates.

Among those present were Medical Director of ICCHP Dr Gayathri Kumarasuriar, ICCHP senior lecturers and trainers, department heads from WOU, and deans of higher learning institution. 

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