Dr Lee Heng Wei

Name of Staff: Dr. Lee Heng Wei
Designation: Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: PhD Management (USM); MA Management (USM); BManagement (Hons) (First Class Honours) (USM)


Dr. Lee Heng Wei is a first-class business school graduate from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in 2009. He obtained the USM Fellowship Award in 2010 and completed his Master and PhD degrees in Technology Management in 2013 and 2018 respectively.

Before joining WOU, he was the head of department for the business school in University of Wollongong Malaysia KDU Penang University College. He helped to set up a few new business programmes in UOWM KDU.

Besides, Dr. Lee also actively involved in teaching and professional training. He teaches courses mainly in marketing, business analytics, research and consultancy methods, and statistics. In addition, Dr. Lee is also a HRDF certified trainer. He used to provide professional training in digital marketing and business analytics.

Apart from teaching, he is an avid researcher, especially in the areas of technology management and marketing. His publications have appeared in many high impact factor journals and conference proceedings. In addition, Dr. Lee has collaborated with noted companies from various disciplines through multiple research and consultancy projects. To date, his research and consultancy experience includes research and consultancy projects conducted for organisations like Malaysian Entrepreneurship Development Centre (MEDEC), Muda Agriculture Development Agency (MADA), Suratthani Rajabhat University, Thailand (SRU), and many SMEs in Malaysia.

Program Development Experience:

  • Doctoral of Philosophy (Business) (MQA/PA9619)

  • Master of Research (Business) (MQA/PA9617)

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (MQA/PA9512)

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management (MQA/PA8388)

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) International Business Management (MQA/PA11682)

  • Foundation Programme (Arts and Sciences) (MQA/PA8033)


Research Interest:

Technology Management, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour

Selected Publications:

1. Lee, H. W., Wah, T. B., & Thurasamy, R. (2019). Global Virtual Team (GVT): Exploring the Challenges, and Potential Gaps in Research. International Journal of Academic Research In Business And Social Sciences, 9(12). (ERA Journal)

2. Tan, B. W., Chor, F. T., Lee, H. W., Racheal, P. S. Yi., & Lim, C. E. (2019). The Influence of Domestic Investment and Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Thailand. The Empirical Economics Letters, 18(3), 311–319. https://doi.org/1681 8997 (ERA(ABDC) Impact Factor: 0.91)

3. Lee, H. W., Ramayah, T., Simona, P., (2018) “Managing virtual teams for open innovation in Global Business Services industry”, Management Decision. (EMERALD) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 1.396)

4. Ong, C. H., Lee, H. W., &Ramayah, T. (2018). Impact of brand experience on loyalty. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, 1-20. (TAYLOR & FRANCIS) (SCOPUS) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 2.683)

5. Lee, H.W., Maziani, S., Rosnah, I., Mohd, A. O., Thongchai, K., & Nattayanee, L. (2014). Exploring the Key Determinants of Successful ICT Innovation Adoption: A Case Study of a Fishing Community in Thailand. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 279, 643-648. (SPRINGER)

6. Lee, H. W., Mohd, A. O., Nurul, H. A., & Manmeet, M. S. (2013). User Requirement Analysis and Function Engineering: Insight from a Designed of a Mobile-Health System for Tuberculosis Patients in Malaysia. International Journal of Information Processing and Management, 4(7), 1-12. (SCOPUS)

7. Lee, H. W., Ramayah, T., & Zakaria, N. (2012). External Factors in Hospital Information System (HIS) Adoption Model: A Case on Malaysia. Journal of medical systems, 36(4), 2129-2140. (SPRINGER) (SCI ISI Impact Factor: 2.456)

8. Lee, H. W., Osman, M. A., Idrus, R., Sabudin, M., & Tan, S. Y. (2012). Factors Influencing a New Information and Communication Technology Adoption in Malaysia’s Agriculture Community: Applying the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach. International Journal of eBusiness and eGovernment Studies (pp. 51-60). Turkey: The Social Sciences Research Society. (EBSCO)

9. Lee, H. W., Osman, M. A., Talib, A. Z., & Wong, P. L. (2012). Enhancing Agriculture Based Livelihoods Through Technology Innovation: Deploying M-Community For Farmers In Malaysia. International Journal for Digital Society, 3(4), 677 – 684. (Infonomics Society)

10. Osman, M. A., Lee, H. W., Talib, A. Z., & Tan, S. Y. (2012). An experience in deploying GreenEve2Peace: M-community for farming community in Malaysia. International Conference on Information Society (i-Society), 2012 (pp. 188 – 192). London: IEEE.

11. Tan, S. Y., Lee, H. W., Osman, M. A., & Wong, P. L. (2012). Application of Information and Communication Technology in Paddy Farming: Toward Information-based Agriculture. International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology, 4(20), 363-370. (SCOPUS)


Official Correspondence Address

School of Digital Technology
Wawasan Open University
54, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
10050 Penang

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