Assoc. Prof. Dr Anbalagan Krishnan

Name of Staff: Assoc Prof Dr Anbalagan Krishnan
Designation: Deputy Dean
Qualifications: PhD (Management Accounting), MBA, B Comm & Mgt (Acct), CIT,CPA(AUST), CFIA(MAL)


Managerial Accounting  and control , Performance measurement and management system, Balanced Scorecard, Integrated performance measurement system, Ethical issues related to non- accounting and accounting issues, Accounting information system, Leadership, Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting, Accounting Education.


Key Note Address

1.      International  Conference on “Business Practices and Sustainability (ICOBUS-2019)”, Vidyasagar University, West Bengal , India ,February 7th and 8th 2019. Title of Key note address: The Association between CSR and CFP of the Malaysian Environmental Sensitive Companies

2.      International Conference on “Financial Sector Reforms In Developing Economics”, Vidyasagar University, Calcutta, India. February 4 and 5th 2016. Title of Key note address: Financial Inclusion and Corporate Governance Practice of financial Institutions in Malaysia.

Thesis Examiner

1.      A Study of the Factors that Affect Share Price Movements of REITs in Malaysia, Faculty of Business , Design and Arts , Swinburne University of Technology – Master of Business (Research)

2.      Factors Affecting Open Innovation And Closed Innovation among small and Medium Private Hospitals in India, University Sains Malaysia –  Phd (By Research)

3.      The Relationship Between Knowledge Management Practices , Stress and Organizational Performance in Information Technology Sector, Jamal Institute of Management , India – Phd (By Research)

4.      Human Capital On Mutual Fund Performance and Characteristics in Malaysia ,  Multimedia University , Malaysia – Phd (By Research)

5.      Strategic Capabilities and Export Performance of Manufacturing SMEs IN Malaysia : The Impacts of Individual, Firm And Industry Level Factors, University Sains Malaysia – Phd (By Research)

6.      Performance Measurement Vis-à-vis Headline Key Performance Indicators Announcement by Government Linked Companies Using Sequential Mixed, Multimedia University , Malaysia – Phd (By Research)

7.      The Financial support structure of Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises in Ghana : A comparative study of capital Market finance and bank Finance , Asia e University (AeU), Malaysia – Phd (BA)

8.      Quality of AMC Service, Investor Behaviour and Loyalty in Mutual Funds, Bharathiar University, India – PhD Management

9.      The Role of Competence as Mediator between HRM Practices and Employee Job Performance: A study of the Palestinian National Authority in Gaza , University Science Malaysia – PhD Management

10.      A Study on Railway Services and Passenger Satisfaction in Indian Southern Railway. PG  & Research Department of Commerce , Jamal Mohamed College Affiliated with Baharathidasan University, India – Doctor of Philosophy in Commerce

11.      Cultivation and Marketing Problems of Banana in Tamil Nadu – A study with special reference to Tiruchirappalli District from Post Graduate & Research Department of Commerce, Bharathidasan University, India – Doctor of Philosophy in Commerce 

12.      An Empirical Study of General And Capital Market Investment Patterns of Individual Investors. PG& Research Department Of Commerce , Jamal Mohamed College, India – Doctor of Philosophy in Commerce 


1.      “Fundamental Study to Forecast Petroleum Fuel Prices in Malaysia By Time Series Concept of ARIMA and GMDH”, Project Value: RM 52000.00 , Role: Co Investigator – FRGS/1/2018/STG06/UTP/02/4. 

2.      “An Empirical Study of Corporate Governance and Accounting Practice of Hotel Industry in Malaysia”, Project Value: RM 10,000.00. Role Principal Investigator. Asia Metropolitan University –  Research Grant Scheme (ARGS) Cycle 2018

3.      Motivation: A Teaching myth or reality: An Empirical Study at Curtin Sarawak. Project funded by Curtin Sarawak Teaching Innovation Project Fund (CSTIP), 2015. Project Value RM 2000. Role: Project Leader.

4.      Curtin Sarawak Research Cluster Fund by Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia awarded in 2012 for a research project entitled “Sustainability Environmental Disclosure by Malaysian Public Listed Companies” with an amount of RM19,000.00. Role: Co-researcher.

5.      The Key financial and non financial performance measures: A case study of manufacturing industry in Malaysia. Project funded by Business School Research Fund (2009) (Project Value: RM 6000). Status – Completed. Role: Project Leader.

6.      Application of Balanced scorecard in Higher learning institutions. Project funded by  Curtin Sarawak Research Fund (RM 10,000) and CPA Australia supplemental research grant (2008) (Project Value: RM 5000).  Status – Completed. Role: Project Leader.

7.      Transactional and Transformational leadership: An Assessment of Bass’s (1985) model in the context of Miri Entrepreneurs. Project funded by Curtin Sarawak Research Fund (2004) (Project Value: RM 10,000). Status – Completed. Role: Project Member.


1.      Routledge Handbook of Accounting in Asia (Published– August 2017)

  • Chapter 7 : Evolution and Development of Management Accounting Practices in Thailand

  • Edited by Professor Zhijun , Dean of School of Business Macau University of Science and Technology

  • Co Author with Professor Prem Lan Joshi with Multimedia University, Malaysia 

2.      Research on Sustainable Development in Malaysia  ( Published – 2019)

  • Chapter 5- The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting Practice of Environment Sensitive Companies in Malaysia

  • Edited and Published by University Technology Press

  • Jie Min Ho, Anbalagan Krishnan, Atiqur Rahman Khan and Ricardo Baba


1.      Min,H,J., Krishnan,A.,Khan,R,A Md.,& Adeyinka-Oja,S,F, (2019) “Doing Good Does You Good? The Financial Impact of Individual CSR Dimensions: A Malaysian Context” , Asian Journal of Sustainability and Social Responsibility (SCOPUS) , In progress of publication.

2.      Krishnan, A., Narayanan,S., and Joshi,P.L., (2019) “Barriers of Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation in Port and Shipping Industry in Malaysia” , International Journal of Auditing and Accounting Studies (IJAAS), Vol 1., No 2., page 171 – 189.

3.      Joshi, P.L., Krishnan, A, Salleh, N.M.Z.,(2017) “The Determinants of the Firms Characteristics on the Audit and Non Audit Premium: An analysis of firms listed in the Malaysia Stock Exchange” , Indian Journal of Finance (IJF), Vol 11., No.4 , pp 7 – 22 (SCOPUS).

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1.      Jie Min Ho, Krishnan.A, Atiqur Rahman Khan and Ricardo Baba, “The Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR) Reporting Practice of Environmental Sensitive Companies In Malaysia” , Seminar on Global Business Sustainability Challenges 2017, Organized by Department of Management and Humanities , University Teknology PETRONAS (UTP), 3RD to 4th July 2017, Malaysia

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1.      Krishnan. A. (2004), “Teaching and Learning using mind-mapping concept in accounting unit: A case study at Curtin University of Technology , Sarawak Campus” , 13th Annual Teaching and Learning Forum, Murdock University, Perth, 9th – 10th February.

2. Abdullah.S.K. & Krishnan.A. (2002), “Learning style of the Confucius heritage learner: A case study at Curtin University of Technology- Sarawak Campus”, Teaching and Learning Forum 2002, Edith Cowan University, Perth, 4th – 5th February.


  • Abdullah.S.K. & Krishnan,A.. (2004) “Confucius Heritage Culture (CHC) learners and their left brain thinking preference”.

  • Krishnan,A. & Abdullah.S.K (2008), “The impact of learning journal on student’s independent learning, a case study of accounting unit”.


  • Associate Editor for International Journal of Auditing and Accounting Studies

  • Journal Paper Reviewer for Iranian Journal of Management Studies

  • Journal Paper Reviewer for Current Analysis on Economics & Finance

  • Journal Paper Reviewer for Asian Review of Accounting

  • Journal Paper Reviewer for International Journal of Behavioural Accounting and Finance

  • Journal Paper Reviewer for International Journal of Economics and Accounting

  • Journal Paper Reviewer for International Journal of Economics and Business Research

  • Journal Paper Reviewer for Global Journal of Contemporary Research in Accounting, Auditing and Business Ethics

  • Conference Paper Reviewer (Accounting Track) for Global Business, Economics, Financial and Social Sciences Conference ( 2014/2016

  • Journal article reviewer for Contemporary Management Research Journal (CMR) published by Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research

  • journal article reviewer for World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development (WREMSD) Journal

  • Member of CMR Journal Editorial Board (2010). Journal published by Taiwan Academy of Information Systems Research

  • Paper reviewer for “Global Conference on Power, Control and Optimization”, 1-3 June 2009, Bali, Indonesia

  • Paper reviewer for “Best Research Paper” 2009 on behalf of Curtin R&D Committee

  • Conference paper reviewer for “International Conference on Business and Sustainable Development”, organized by faculty of Business Studies, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. Conference date 8 – 9 March 2018


  • CBS Commendation Award for Management Control System 301

  • CBS Commendation Award for Acct (Auditing) 300 and Acct Managerial Control 301

  • Best Lecturer Award – 2012

  • Students’ Choice Award – 2010

  • Students’ Choice Award – 2009

  • Students’ Choice Award – 2006


  • Chairman of ACADEMIC Audit of Curtin University

  • Appointment of Chair for Curtin Internal Audit (2018)

  • ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Panel for Department of R&D (2018)

  • Advisory and Organizing Committee of Corporate Governance Seminar by University Technology Petronas (2017) 

  • Academic Auditor Panel for Master of Engineering Science (Electronic Engineering) – 2015

  • Academic Auditor Panel for Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy – 2014

  • Non-Academic Misconduct Panel – 2013 and 2014

  • Working party of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business AACSB (representing the Curtin Sarawak R&D), 2014

  • Academic Audit Panel for Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) Self Accreditation – 2013

  • Member of Education and Training Committee of MICPA – Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountant (Since 2011)

  • Member for Australian University Quality Agency (AUQA) audit – Sept 2008

  • Panel for Australian University Quality Agency (AUQA) audit- June 2002


  • Negotiation Skills Workshop for Supply Chain Management – PETRONAS SCM Group

  • Level II Strategic Negotiation workshop for Marketing and Business Planning Group – PETRONAS Dagangan and Optimal

  • Negotiation Skills for Managers for Mutiara Group Sdn Bhd, Kuching

  • Strategic Negotiation Skills for Bintulu Development Authority, Bintulu

  • “Mindset Transformation” workshop for Curtin Student Recruitment

  • Key Performance Indicators workshop (Local Agenda 21) for Miri City Council

  • Strategic Negotiation workshop for Sarawak Shell Berhad

  • Successful Procurement Negotiation Workshop – Becoming a Better Negotiator for Asean Bintulu Fetilizer, Bintulu

  • Job analysis for Pustaka Miri

  • Management Development Program for Miri Port Authority

  • Strategic Planning for Pustaka Miri

  • Business Confidence Survey for Miri for Miri Chinese Chambers of Commerce

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