Doctor of Philosophy (Arts and Humanities)

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The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) by research degree programmes are designed to bring forth extensive opportunities for mature working adults to assume leadership roles in academic or industrial research. Both programmes will teach students how to investigate a selected research topic using a number of reliable, scholarly resources. Guided by their academic supervisor, they will learn how to search for, review, evaluate, analyse information, and draw new conclusions. Aligned with the mandate of the university, these programmes are conducted in English, via open and distance learning modes of education, but can also be conducted via full-time study.

They empower students with abilities such as researching a topic of interest meticulously and writing a thesis that is expected to contribute to new knowledge in a specific area, as well as having academic insight into the subject matter and conveying their research findings in peer-reviewed and refereed publications. In addition, they upgrade students’ knowledge and skills in the areas of humanities, education and social science to help them advance further in their career.

WOU Guided

Research Milestones Create Stalwart Leaders & Business Analysts

High Expertise Level

Related to Financial TechOf WOU professors Aims to Produce Graduates with Critical Thinking Skills nology & Risk Assessment

WOU Postgraduate Studio

Content by Industries Leaders

Peer Support

And Study Groups Through Diverse Backgrounds of PhD Alumni

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”
Helen Hayes

Learning Path

Elementary skills in identifying and building the research topics.

Designing the research and defending your proposal

Data collection, analytical representation of findings and thesis writing

Completion of thesis writing and defending your work

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