Develop your Personal Branding for Greater Reach on LinkedIn

You should know your Social Selling Index (SSI) on LinkedIn as it measures your social selling effectiveness compared to others in your industry and within your network. You can consequently act to improve your SSI score to reach a wider audience on the platform.

Social media and public relations strategist in Singapore, Andrew Chow, was speaking at a virtual talk titled “Personal Branding through LinkedIn”, organised by the School of Business & Administration on 7 May 2022 and attended by about 15 people.

The speaker, Andrew Chow.

He stressed that LinkedIn is the only platform that generates a score based on how well you perform in four categories: establishing your professional brand (e.g. make an appealing profile, and include photo); finding or connecting with the right people (e.g. leaders or others in your industry); engaging with insights (e.g. share or post relevant content); and building relationships.

Chow gave several ways to improve your LinkedIn profile’s SSI score, including using a concise and impactful headline that adds value, and a well-written summary of yourself that includes your past and current responsibilities as well as your future goals.

An example for a well-written summary.

He said that it is essential to display, with validation, all the responsibilities you claim to have completed, and highlight the skills you have developed together with endorsements and a well-constructed list of your professional experience (do not undersell nor overwrite your job descriptions).

“To improve your SSI, you should gradually grow your connections systematically. Connect with people you have met, and include your LinkedIn URL in your email signature. You may also seek testimonials or recommendations from other professionals to boost your profile,” he remarked.

Questions individuals may ask for testimonials.

Chow said you can build relationships by participating in discussions of the LinkedIn groups of interest or leaving comments on other people’s profiles. “Not only that, but keep track of any awards or certificates you have received and share your language skills too.”

He added, “It would be excellent if you could write down your noteworthy projects and publications/written works from the past, and your volunteer activities.”

A list of ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile.

He asserted that LinkedIn is a good online platform to help you to establish a professional profile that highlights your work while also allowing you to meet new people, share knowledge, and build and maintain business connections.

He also explained how to do a SWOT analysis for your profession by identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. “You must first recognise people in your life who support you (such as mentors, family and friends or coaches) before you position yourself and strategise on LinkedIn. It is moreover critical to focus on your weaknesses rather than your strengths, and to treat networking as a business appointment by meeting new people on a regular basis.”

Ways to conduct a SWOT analysis.

He highlighted the necessity of being willing to share opportunities and cooperating with others so as to learn from one another. “If you need to compete, simply compete with yourself because you must do better today than yesterday,” Chow said.

He concluded: “Knowing knowledge is easy, but practising your skills is tougher and the toughest is transforming your mentality”.

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