Dr Christina Ong Sook Beng

Name of Staff: Dr Christina Ong Sook Beng
Designation: Senior Lecturer
Qualifications: PhD (Linguistics) (USM), Master of Arts (English Language Studies), UKM; Bachelor of Arts (Hons) English Language Studies, UKM

Research Interest: Malaysian English, Corpus Linguistics, Malaysian Chinese Education

External Services:

  • Steering committee member of Malaysian Corpus Research Network (MCRN)
  • Life member of Malaysian Association of Applied Linguistics (MAAL)
  • Reviewer of journal articles for Asian Englishes, Gema Online Journal of Language Studies, 3L: Language, Linguistics, Literature
  • Trainer for ‘Grand Stem Inter-School Challenge (English Section)’ 2020, 2021, 2022 initiated by Penang STEM 4.0
  • Trainer for LevelUp Your English workshops by Penang Math Platform
  • Trainer for Local Virtual Volunteer “Speak Up 7.0 & 8.0″ organised by AIESEC


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Official Correspondence Address:

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences
Wawasan Open University
54, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
10050 Penang

Email Address:


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