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WOU and ESGAM partner to promote sustainability

WOU is collaborating with the ESG Association of Malaysia (ESGAM) to raise awareness of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues among its students and community.

World-renowned Malaysian archaeologist: Archaeology can shape education

When Emeritus Professor Dato’ Dr Siti Zuraina Abdul Majeed returned to Malaysia after completing her PhD at Yale University in 1978, archaeology was not widely recognised as relevant. Nevertheless, this did not deter her from pioneering and developing Malaysia’s archaeological research and academic programmes, blazing a trail for future generations.

Overcoming business challenges

Challenges in business and career can lead to failure, but how we respond matters. It is important to view failure as opportunities to grow, learn, and become more resilient, as we pick ourselves up and move on.

The Relevance of History in Our Lives

History plays a significant role in skills development and personal transformation, moulding individuals into better citizens and more proficient professionals.

De-stressing at the Workplace

A mental health educator suggests that finding a balance among the different aspects of life, setting boundaries and engaging in relaxing activities, while managing negative thinking, can help to de-stress.

WOU honours part-time educators in appreciation event

Tutors play a significant role in elevating the students’ learning experience at the university. They complement the core academic team by providing personalised guidance and support to students, frequently within an engaging and interactive setting.

A need for healthy self-love in life

The lifelong journey of self-love has its ups and downs, but with patience and consistent effort, you can cultivate a deep love for yourself to lead a more fulfilling and joyful life.

WOU programme gets nod of approval from professional logistics body

WOU’s business degree programme in logistics and supply chain management (BBLC) has received professional accreditation from the Society of Logisticians, Malaysia (LogM). The outcome of a long-standing partnership between WOU and LogM, this recognition is a testament of the programme’s quality in meeting the industry standards of the logistics sector in Malaysia.

The Evolution of an Entrepreneur

A seasoned entrepreneur recently shared his 22-year entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the highs and lows of his business.

How to negotiate in business

Negotiation is not a game intended to defeat the other side; rather it is about cooperating to achieve a mutually-beneficial win-win situation.

ESG integration is all about mentality, says expert

For the successful integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) elements in an organisation, every person must embrace an ESG mentality. The ESG mentality must saturate every level of operations and decision-making.

Termination as a last resort

Terminating an employee’s service is one of the most challenging tasks for any employer. If termination is unavoidable, proper planning is necessary to mitigate legal risks such as unfair dismissal claims.

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