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Getting the most out of a university education

The new on-campus learning (OCL) students at WOU were advised to stay focused on obtaining their university qualification, to exercise discipline, and to use the opportunity to acquire the needed valuable soft skills for the real world.

Problem-solving using computational thinking

Computational thinking allows us to take complex problems and decompose them into smaller tasks to develop solutions. This helps not only with performing computer tasks but also with problem-solving in real-world situations.

WOU offers TVET initiatives for the workforce

Students and members of the workforce should undertake to pursue the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programmes available at WOU, in an effort to further unlock their potential and thrive in the digital era.

Addressing talent demand in the country

There is market demand for digital entrepreneurs, gig workers and other digital professionals in the fast-evolving world of digital technology, signifying the urgent need for talent development.

WOU-ing Thai students with fun ways to learn English

Some 20 Thai students from Sri Songkram Wittaya School, Thailand had an unforgettable learning experience immersing themselves in a week-long English language programme at our beautiful seaside main campus recently.

Successful digital marketing career of Year 2 DiGiT student

An undergraduate student has found the skills gleaned from his Bachelor of Digital Business (Honours) [BDBS] programme at WOU to be extremely rewarding, in terms of employment and income – even before he graduates.

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