Category: Academic Staff

Ms. Cheah Seeh Lee

Name of Staff: Shirley Cheah Seeh LeeDesignation: LecturerQualifications:

Ms. Irmadura Ramli

Name of Staff: Irmadura RamliDesignation: Senior LecturerQualifications: BSc

Dr. Ooi Chia-Yi

Name of Staff: Dr. Ooi Chia-YiDesignation:  Senior LecturerQualifications:

Ms. Thoolasi Kanesin

Name of Staff: Thoolasi KanesinDesignation: Assistant LecturerQualifications: Bachelor

Ms. Arathai Din Eak

Name of Staff: Arathai Din EakDesignation: LecturerQualifications: Bachelor

Dr Por Fei Ping

Name of Staff: Dr Por Fei PingDesignation: Senior

Dr. Tan Saw Fen

Name of Staff: Dr Tan Saw FenDesignation: Senior

Prof. Dr. Balakrishnan Muniandy

Name of Staff: Prof Dr Balakrishnan MuniandyDesignation: ProfessorQualifications: PhD (Oregon, USA)),

Ms Chew Bee Leng

Name of Staff : Ms Chew Bee LengDesignation

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