Category: Academic Professionals

Mr. Yeoh Koay Kheng

Name of Staff: Yeoh Koay KhengDesignation: LecturerQualifications: MBA (USM), B. Management

Mr. Lim Peng Keat

Name of Staff: Lim Peng KeatDesignation: LecturerQualifications: MBA (Portsmouth, UK), CA

Ms. Kajari Shankar

Name of Staff: Kajari ShankarDesignation: Senior LecturerQualifications: Masters

Mr. Munyiswar Munisamy

Name of Staff: Mr. Munyiswar MunisamyDesignation: Senior LecturerQualifications:

Ms. Yap Li Lian

Name of Staff: Yap Li LianDesignation: Senior LecturerQualifications: MBA (Marketing Management)

Dr. Lalitha Ramasamy

Name of Staff: Dr Lalitha RamasamyDesignation: Senior LecturerQualifications:

Dr. Alexandra Kang

Name of Staff: Dr. Alexandra Kang Designation: Senior

Dr. Loo Choo Hong

Name of Staff: Dr Loo Choo HongDesignation: Senior LecturerQualifications: PhD (Management)

Prakash V. Arumugam

Name of Staff: Prakash V. ArumugamDesignation: DeanQualifications: Bachelor

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