Category: Academic Professionals

Ms Siti Fairos Saffardin

Name of Staff: Ms Siti Fairos SaffardinDesignation: LecturerQualifications: Phd,

Dr Jayaeswari Sangaralingam

Name of Staff: Dr Jayaeswari SangaralingamDesignation: Senior LecturerQualifications: DBA, UUM;

Dr Asnina Anandan

Name of Staff: Dr Asnina AnandanDesignation: Senior LecturerQualifications: PhD,

Dr Chee Siew Lan

Name of Staff: Dr Chee Siew LanDesignation: Senior

Dr Lau Pei Mey

Name of Staff: Dr Lau Pei MeyDesignation: LecturerQualifications: PhD

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Ms. Ch’ng Ping Ping

Name of Staff: Ch’ng Ping PingDesignation: LecturerQualifications: MA

Mr Muhammad Norhadri Md Hilmi

Name of Staff:  Muhammad Norhadri Md HilmiDesignation: LecturerQualifications: MSc (Distributed Computing

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