APEL.C : Credit Award



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Application Criteria

The APEL(C) is applicable to:- 

  • Learners registered at any Higher Education Institutions regardless of the mode of entry, whether through the conventional or APEL(A) route. 
  • All areas and levels of qualification in the MQF. 
  • Postgraduate level of study; the credit award is limited only to the courses in programmes conducted via coursework and mixed modes. 
  • All courses except for final year project-based courses and dissertations.  
  • Industrial training which includes practicum can be considered based on the suitability of the field. 
Application Process
(i)  Self-Assessment  (ii) APEL(C) Assessments (Challenge Test and/or Portfolio Submission) (iii) Eligibility for credit transfer For Challenge Test or Portfolio assessment, students would need to achieve at least 50% of each course learning outcome being assessed for the credits to be awarded. (iv) Claim procedure (for successful outcomes) 

'Student Handbook for APEL(C)’ 

Guidelines to Good Practices:  APEL(C)'



Accreditation of Prior

Experiential Learning

APEL for Admission [APEL.C] is the award of credits to an accredited programme with a Higher Education (HEP) through prior experiential learning
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