Learning Support Services

When you begin your study at WOU, you will be supported with a wide range of resources:

  • A Learning Management System (LMS) for you to participate in online discussions/forum with your peers, tutors and course coordinators, and to ask questions.  This is known as WawasanLearn for Part-Time Study and Wawasan2u for Full-Time Study. 
  • WOU's digital library where you can access information at anytime, night or day.
  • Distance and remote locations are no barriers to education.  You can summit your assignment via Online Assignment Submission System (OAS) from home, work or wherever you are.
  • Regional Centres which provide administrative and academic support and serve as contact points between you and WOU, and where you can meet formally for counselling and tutorials, or informally for peer support in self-help groups.
  • A tutor allocated to you who will guide and advise you on your courses and is available by telephone, or will support you through online communication. There are also scheduled face-to-face tutorials by experts in the field for the different courses to help the part-time students.

Every student must register for an online account with the University to gain access to its computer services and facilities.  Click here to login.