Setting goals

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In our life as an ODL student, we need to set goals to achieve our dream of getting a degree. Goals can be short-term or long-term ones.

1. Short-term goals are also called objectives. They are stepping stones on the way to meeting long-term goals. Typically, objectives consist of goals regarding education, work and family life that give you valuable experience.

2. Long-term goals comprises of plans you make for your future. These typically consist of family, career, and retirement goals.

People set long-term goals for themselves by imagining where they want to be five to ten years from now. Then, they use short term objectives to get there.

There are five main characteristics of effective goals:

1. Challenging and realistic

In setting goals, remember that your goal must not be so easy that you do not have to work hard towards achieving it. On the other hand, it should also not be extremely difficult or even impossible to reach. You must know your own ability!

For example:


2. Specific and measurable

Your goal must be specific and measurable so that you can evaluate your goal from time to time.

For example:


3. Set with weekly progress in mind

Success consists of a series of little weekly victories. Effective goals are the ones that encourage steady progress; day after day, week after week. Make small goals which you can achieve weekly.

For example:

4. Positive

Success is more likely to come when we focus on striving towards positive outcomes rather than avoiding negative outcomes.

For example:


5. Time-bound

It is good to set a starting point and a finishing point for your goal.

For example:


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