Our Vision

We aspire to be a vibrant learning community that inspires learning, supports innovation and nurtures all-round personal growth.

Our Mission

We commit ourselves to the expansion of opportunities in higher education and to teaching excellence aimed at increasing the level of knowledge and scholarship among all Malaysians.

Our Values

We believe that you have the potential to develop to the fullest, in line with the cherished noble values that we all share. We believe in:

Upholding high institutional standards

  • We provide lifelong learning and personal development opportunities for everyone. To this end, we ensure open admission and access to all.
  • We believe in providing an innovative, comprehensive academic programmes that offer you top quality instruction, high institutional standards and a broad range of educational opportunities.

Celebrating the diversity of our students

  • At Wawasan Open University, we believe that your achievements, talents and heritage contribute significantly to our community. We support your right and responsibility to take an active role in the learning process to make your learning experience a productive one.
  • Honesty and integrity in the teaching, learning and advisory process is essential, and an objective evaluation of your skills and abilities is key to your success. At Wawasan Open University, we celebrate the diversity of our student communities and we are positive you will find the experience personally enriching.

Recognising our employees

  • We believe in recognising the value and expertise of our employees, fostering mutual respect and upholding their rights. As an equal opportunity employer, Wawasan Open University provides a supportive environment that helps employees attain the right balance between their working lives and their personal commitments.
  • We recognise the right and responsibility of our employees to play an active role in their professional development as they strive for excellence. We help them in this process by creating an honest and transparent decision-making process.

Valuing citizens and the community

  • To live up to the trust placed in us by our sponsors, our students, and private donors, we are committed to the responsible management of our financial resources.
  • We aim to contribute to the educational, economic, human resources, technological, socio-economic and cultural development of the nation while preserving ecological sustainability.

 Academic freedom and fairness

  • We believe in academic freedom and the free and honest exchange of ideas.
  • We aspire for the highest academic integrity and in providing equal rights, equal access and equal treatment where learning opportunities are concerned.