MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY                                                   

(Social Science) N/345/7/0809(MQA/PA7008)06/20

(Computing and Technology) N-DL/481/7/0722(MQA/PA7653)12/20


(Arts and Humanities) (including Education) N/220/8/0006(MQA/PA0862)12/19

(Social Science) N/345/8/0800(MQA/PA7009)06/20

(Computing and Technology) N-DL/481/8/0702(MQA/PA7652)12/20

Additional Requirements for Doctor of Philosophy (Education) candidates

Candidates wishing to enrol in the PhD (Education) programme, who do not possess an education background (no prior education academic qualification/or related work experience) will need to take two courses. These are:

  • EED 501/05 Research in Education

  • EED 503/05 Ethics in Education

English Language Proficiency Requirements (For International Candidates)

Candidates wishing to enrol in the PhD (Education) programme will need to have the following English Language proficiency qualification:

  • IELTS - minimum of a Band 5.5, or

  • TOEFL - minimum score of 550, or iBT of 80, or CBT of 213, or

  • Is a Native speaker, or graduated from an English-medium Higher Education Institution

How to pursue this programme?

  • Take some thought to consider a specific field of research you wish to undertake. Try to identify and scope your research topic as clearly as possible. You may wish to seek out an academic staff in WOU to have a preliminary discussion about your research interest with him/her.

  • Go to the nearest Regional Centre and fill up the MPhil/PhD Application Form accordingly.

  • The University will process your application and confirm whether your research topic is appropriate and whether there are available supervisors in WOU. You may also be contacted for an interview to further evaluate your candidature. This process will take a month or so.

Note: For Master of Philosophy students, if your work in progress has been proven or recognised to be of near PhD level and quality, your Supervisor may submit a recommendation for you to be assessed by a specially appointed committee in a degree conversion exercise to PhD level which you would have to take part and pass.


This programme is offered both in full-time and part-time. The minimum study period for Master of Philosophy degree is 12 months (full-time) or 24 months (part-time) whereas the Doctor of Philosophy degree will take 36 months (full-time) or 48 months (part-time).  Click here for further details.

It is advised that students consider taking full-time only if they are unemployed and have no other time commitments.

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Programme Outline

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) by research degree programmes are designed to provide wider opportunities for mature working adults to play a leadership role in academic or industrial research. In both programmes, students will learn how to investigate a selected research topic using a variety of reliable, scholarly resources. With guidance from their academic supervisor, they will learn how to search for, review, evaluate, analyse the information, and draw new conclusions. Consistent with the mandate of the university, these programmes are conducted in English, via open and distance learning modes of education, but can also be conducted via full-time study.

These programmes are designed to:

  • enable students to research a topic of interest to considerable depth and to write a thesis that is expected to contribute to new knowledge in a specific area.

  • produce qualified scholars, researchers or professionals who are able to undertake research projects in relevant areas of specialisation.

  • upgrade the knowledge and skills of students in the areas of humanities, education and social science to help them advance further in their careers.

  • enable students to gain academic insight into the subject matter and to be capable of communicating their research findings in peer-reviewed and refereed publications.

Entry Requirements

 Master of Philosophy

Candidates with one of the following criteria will be eligible to be considered for admission to pursue studies in the programme:

  • Bachelor’s Degree with CGPA of at least 2.75; OR

  • Bachelor’s Degree with CGPA of at least 2.5 and less than 2.75 can be admitted subject to the close internal evaluation by the University; OR

  • Bachelor’s Degree with CGPA of less than 2.5 with a minimum of 5 years working experience in the relevant field; OR

  • Any other equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysian Government and approved by the Senate of the University

Doctor of Philosophy

Candidates must possess at least one of the below to be eligible to be considered for admission:

  • A Master’s Degree; OR

  • A First Class Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent OR a Bachelor’s Degree with a CGPA of at least 3.67 or its equivalent from an academic programme or a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme

    (Note: The student is not to be awarded a M.Phil qualification as an exit award if the student does not fulfill the PhD graduation requirements);


  • Any other equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysian Government and approved by the Senate of the University