Name of Staff: Associate Professor Dr Goh Lay Huah
Designation: Lecturer
Qualifications: Certificate TESOL (Regional English Language Centre, Singapore); B.A (Hons) with Education (University of Science Malaysia); M.Ed (Management & Language Teaching) (University of Bristol, UK); Ph.D (Management) (University Tun Abdul Razak Malaysia), Microsoft® Certified IT Professional, Microsoft® Certified Solutions Associate, Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist


Dr. Goh Lay Huah has 30 years’ experience working as a teacher trainer and coach/mentor within the education sector. She has a track record demonstrating excellence and high-level skills in instructional leadership - teaching, training and teacher education, Smart School pedagogy, including higher education institute experience in the Malaysian Teacher Training Institutes, public and private Universities in Instructional Technology.

Course Development Experience:

> B.Ed. TESL 3rd Cycle Curriculum Teacher Training Institute Malaysia
> Smart School Teacher Training Curriculum – Teacher Education Division Malaysia
> Teacher Personal Enrichment (Penyuburan Diri Insan Guru) – Teacher Education Division Malaysia
> Attitude Reengineering – Teacher Education Division Malaysia
> Management of Change - Teacher Education Division Malaysia

Research Interest:   

Dr. Goh Lay Huah’s forte is education research – especially action research. Her research focus is ICT in education, English Language teaching, professional development and change management and she has written a large number of research articles in these areas. She has presented her research work both at national and international levels. She has won a number of awards for her work in education research and innovation. In the past 10 years Dr. Goh has conducted innumerable research workshops and courses to lecturers, head teachers, teachers, and students.  

Selected Publications and Presentations:

1.   (Book) Goh, Lay Huah (2012). A Practical Guide in Writing Your Action Research. Selangor: Multimedia Publications ISBN 978-967-374-244-8

2.   Goh, Lay Huah & Jarrett, Barry W. (2014). Integrating QR Codes And Mobile Technology In Developing Listening And Speaking Skills In The Teaching Of English Language in International Journal on E-Learning Practices (IJELP), Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2014.

3.   Goh, L.H. & Loh, K.C. (2013). “Let Them Fish” Educational Action Research Journal, Vol. 21, No. 2, 202-217. United Kingdom: Taylor and Francis

4.   Goh, L.H. (2012). “4r 2s” Approach to Research: A Personal Philosophy For Change And Teacher Professional Development” Asian Educational Action Research Journal (AEARJ), Vol. 1. Sultan Idris Education University (SIEU)

5.   Goh, L.H. and Kwong, S.W. (5-7 July 2011). The Proficiency And Self-Efficacy Of Non-Option English Language Teachers: A Case Study. Research Presentation at the ELTC-TED Conference 2011, Hotel Royale Bintang Seremban.

6.   Goh, L.H. (2011). The Effect Of the MBI Proficiency Course. Academic Journal, Vol. 4, 93-109. Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Gaya:Kota Kinabalu

7.   Goh, L.H. (22 – 26 November 2010). Message Me Please: An Action Research on Using Message Cards to encourage writing. Research Presentation at the Asia Pacific Educational Research Association Conference at Putra World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur.

8.   Goh, L.H., Shanmuga, Nathan., Thomas, George., Chan, K.W. (2010). A Survey Study of Undergraduate Option Lecturers’ Effectiveness in IPG Kampus Gaya.Academic Journal, Vol. 3, 77-90. Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Gaya:Kota Kinabalu

9.   Goh, L.H. and Izyan, Syazwani binti Zainuddin. (2009). Developing Language Fluency through Dialogue Journal Aong Lower Secondary Students. Academic Journal, Vol. 2, 55-69. Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Gaya:Kota Kinabalu

10.  Goh, L.H. (17 November 2008). Integrating ICT in Teaching and Learning. Research presentation at First Malaysia-Thai Joint Educational Research Conference 2008, Summit Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

11.  Goh, L.H. (14 Nov 2009). The Conditions for Teacher Research in schools. Research Presentation at the Second Malaysia-Thai Joint Educational Research Conference 2009, Pullman Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

12.  Goh, L.H. (30 Mei 2008). Approaching the Fourth Quadrant. Learning to Integrate ICT with Intel Teach. Research Presentation at the 17th MELTA International Conference 2008 at Palace of the Golden Horses, Kuala Lumpur

13.  Goh, Lay Huah (2007). A case study of the integration of ICT in teaching and learning in a smart school in Sabah. In: The 5th ASEAN Symposium on Educational Management and Leadership (ASEMAL 5), 18-19 August 2007, Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)

Official Correspondence Address:

School of Education, Languages and Communications
Wawasan Open University
54, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
10050 Penang

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