Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Management

Career Prospects

Graduates of this programme can adjust to an extremely wide range of management and administrative positions in any business, government and non-profit organisations.

This includes:

  • Human Resource

  • Operations Management

  • General Management

  • Retail

  • Business Consulting Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Services Departments

To enrol, click here or visit your nearest Regional Centre or Support Centre and submit the following documents:

  • 2 passport photos

  • Photocopy of your IC, certificates and transcripts (bring along the original for validation).

  • A completed application form which is available at all Regional Centres, Support Centres and online at the website.


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Programme Outline

This programme covers extensively the fundamental principles and applications of management theories that allow you to apply management concepts to be a significant contributor to any business organisation. You will develop skills to appreciate, assess and address key issues that drive a corporate in a dynamic business environment. This will enable you to be highly adaptive to solve problems arising from the ever changing business environment.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Possess knowledge and understanding in the concept of management.

  • Demonstrate comprehensive expertise within an organisation in the field of business management.

  • Demonstrate skills and capability in problem solving related to the field of management.

  • Communicate effectively both in written and spoken form to stakeholders.

  • Demonstrate social skills and responsibility in order to function in a team based management task.

  • Apply ethical values, integrity and professionalism in performing management tasks.

  • Recognise the need for and to engage in life-long learning and professional development in management.

  • Be self motivate with enhance entrepreneurship skills to serve the organisation.

  • Demonstrate excellent leadership skills and responsibility as an individual, and in a group.