Academic Staff

Name of Staff: Dr Lim Seng Poh
Designation: Lecturer
Qualifications: PhD (Computer Science) (UTM), BCSc (Industrial Computing) (UTM)


Dr. Lim Seng Poh is a graduate of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). He received his Bachelor of Computer Science (Industrial Computing) with First Class Honour from UTM in 2011. Then he has been offered to skip the MSc and pursue his studies at PhD level. He received his Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science) from UTM in 2015. Dr. Lim has been involved in the research and teaching for more than 7 years. Currently, he is an active international technical program committee member and reviewer for international high impact factor journals and conferences.

Research Interest:   

Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing (Genetic Algorithm, Differential Evolution, Particle Swarm Optimisation), Surface Reconstruction, Scheduling/Timetabling, Optimisation Problems.

Selected Publications:   

1. Lim, S. P. and Haron, H. (2014). Surface Reconstruction Techniques: A Review. Artificial Intelligence Review. Springer. 2014 (42), pp. 59 – 78. (IF: 2.111). (Published Online: 1 March 2012).

2. Lim, S. P. and Haron, H. (2013). Cube Kohonen Self-Organizing Map (CKSOM) Model With New Equations in Organizing Unstructured Data. IEEE Transaction on Neural Networks and Learning Systems. IEEE. 24 (9), pp. 1414 – 1424. (IF: 4.291).

3. Haron, H., Rehman, A., Adi, D. I. S., Lim, S. P. and Saba, T. (2012). Parameterization Method On B–Spline Curve. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2012 (2012), Article ID 640472. Hindawi Publishing Corporation. pp. 1 – 22. (IF: 0.762).

Selected Conferences:

1. Lim, S. P. and Haron, H. (2014). Applying NURBS Surfaces Approximation With Different Parameterization Methods on CKSOM Model Closed Surfaces Data. ICISP 2014, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer. 8509, 602 – 611.

2. Lim, S. P. and Haron, H. (2013). Performance Comparison of Genetic Algorithm, Differential Evolution and Particle Swarm Optimization towards Benchmark Functions. ICOS 2013, IEEE Computer Society. 41 – 46.

3. Lim, S. P. and Haron, H. (2013). Performance of Different Techniques Applied in Genetic Algorithm towards Benchmark Functions. ACIIDS 2013, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer. 7802 (1), 255 – 264.

4. Lim, S. P. and Haron, H. (2012). Applying Kohonen Network in Organising Unstructured Data for Talus Bones. ICTMF 2012, Lecture Notes in Information Technology. Information Engineering Research Institute. 38, 378 – 384.

5. Lim, S. P. and Haron, H. (2012). Organising Unstructured Data Using Enhanced Self Organising Map and Fitting the Surface Using Hybrid Soft Computing Methods. PARS 2012. Faculty of Computing, UTM. 37.

Official Correspondence Address:

School of Science and Technology,
Wawasan Open University
54, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
10050 Penang  

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