Name of Staff: Dr. Lim Gee Nee
Designation:  Lecturer
Qualifications:  PhD (Economics, Planning and Development), MBA (Entrepreneurship), BSc. (Industrial Chemistry) UMS.

HRDF  Certified Trainer Profile:  Membership No. TTT/18246


Dr Gee Nee is in education industry for over 8 year.  At the same time is also a HRDF certified corporate trainer specialized in the areas of sustainable livelihood, business sustainability and corporate social responsibility. She has provided many training in Thailand, Cambodia, Sabah, Johor and Penang. With various multi-nationals, multi-racial business setting, there is so much to learn and share from her holistic point of view. She also provides training through online using webinars.  With online training, participants can attend regardless of the location.

Other than teaching, she has to conduct research and she also supervises two PhD students. As a trainer, she is currently a trainer for German Dual Vocational Training, GDVT in Penang.

All in all, she benefits from a large experience in research, broad knowledge in online skills, mobile apps and encompasses a great diversity of business sectors.

Professional Body Memberships:

  • International Journal of Business Strategy & International Academy of Business and Economics in IABE

  • International Association of Feminist Economy, IAFFE

  • Asian Academy of Applied Business, AAAB

PhD supervisor:

  • Mr. Lim Boon Ping (In Progress)

  • Mr. Matthew Lim Eng Chor (In Progress)

Course Development Experience:  Master of Business Administration Programme for Marketing Management subject.

Research Interest:  Sustainability Livelihood, Business Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility.


2018  Corporate trainer for German Dual Vocational Training (GDVT) in Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC), Penang.

2018  Presenter and committee member for RSPW workshop for Selecting the Methodology: Qualitative vs Quantitative, Organized by Wawasan Open University.

2017  Training on Corporate Social Responsibility, Federal Malaysia and Manufacturer, Penang.

2015  Talk on the Importance of Green Products to delegates from Kelaniya University of Sri Lanka, organized by KDU University College.

2014  Business Consultant for Ratanak Hospital, Phnom Penh

2014  Talk on New Business Venture in Malaysia to delegates from Politeknik LP13, Indonesia organized by Berjaya University Malaysia


Thesis 2018:  Adjudication for PhD student
Title of Thesis: Role of Social Media in influencing Consumer Purchase Behaviour and Brand Loyalty. Ph.D. Degree of GITAM

Journal Reviewer 2018:  Journal Reviewer on manuscript Employers needs from Higher Education Institutions: A Literature Review, Business and Economic Research, Macrothink Institute, Vegas, Nevada 89108, United States.

Book 2016:  Sustainable Livelihood Approach at Sabah, Malaysia
Author: Gee Nee Lim; Kasim Hj Md Mansur and Qaiser Munir,
Lambert Academic Publishing
ISBN 978-3-659-75812-6

2019:  Integrate Sustainable Development Goals into Governance - A Comparison Malaysia and Thailand
Regional Symposium on Connectivity, Mobility and Regional Integration of Asean (collaboration between Institute of Asean Studies University of Chulalongkorn and Wawasan Open University, Malaysia). In Progress

2019:  Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility Management, ECSRM and Strategy to Reshaping Consumer Behaviour
SEGT 2018 Conference Proceedings: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (EES). Published on Q2 2019

2018:  Self Directed Learning Readiness, Internet Self Efficacy and Preferences towards Constructivist Internet-based Learning Environments Amongst Adult Learners in Penang.
Conference Proceedings for University of Houston-Downtown and Can-Tho University Second Annual International Conference, hosted by University of Economics and Law, Vietnam National University

2017:  Journal Reviewer for Business and Economic Research, Vol. 7, No. 2 Macrothink Institute
Business and Economic Research    
ISSN 2162-4860   DOI:

Journal 2016:  International Business Analysis and Opportunity of Thailand.  International Journal of Business and Social Sciences 7 (1) ISSN 2219-1933 (Print), 2219-6021 (Online)

Journal 2016:  International Business Theories to Analyse on the Success of a Chinese company, a Foreign Company in Malaysia and a Malaysian company International Journal of Current Research ISSN 0975-833X

Journal 2015:  Human Governance for Teaching at Higher Learning Institution in Malaysia.
54, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Journal of Public Administration and Governance 6 (1), pp.1-5  ISSN 2161-7104

Journal 2015:  The Relationship between Skills, Training, Education of Human Capital and Poverty: New Data from Rungus Household in Pitas, Sabah. Cambodia.
54, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, The 5th International Conference of the Asian Academy of Applied Business (AAAB-UMS).  ISSN0975-833X

Journal 2011:  Understanding Poverty and Vulnerability by Utilizing the Sustainable Livelihood Approach: A Comprehensive Study among Rungus Ethnic in Sabah, Malaysia.
Malaysian Journal of Business and Economics 2 (1)
ISSN 2289-6856 (Print), 2289-8018 (Online)


2017-2018:  WOU Grant (RM12,000), Conduct Project on Self-Directed Learning Readiness, Internet Self-Efficacy and Constructivist Learning amongst the Distance Learners WOU-USM.

2011-2015:  MOHE Grant (Mini Budget) (RM15, 000), Study Grant for Completing PhD.

2013-2015:  MOSTI Grant (RM10,000), Conduct Project in Sabah on Information Capital in Sustainable Livelihood.


October 2018:  Presenter and committee member for RSPW workshop for Selecting the Methodology: Qualitative vs Quantitative organised by Wawasan Open University

July 2018:  The Case-Based Methodology Workshop organised by Case Writers’ Association of Malaysia and Malaysia University of Science and Technology

May 2018:  Participant for Digital Transformation in the New Era of Learning by  Prof. Asha Singh Kanwar, President & Chief Executive Officer of Commonwealth of Learning (Vancouver), Canada

April 2018:  Workshop on Assessment in Open Distance Learning by Dr Kuldip Kaur

March 2018:  Workshop on Module Writing for ODL Students 5th Mac by Prof, Zoraini Abas

February 2018:  Learning Outcome II conducted in house by MQATC by Tn. Hj Nazri (Malaysia Quality Assurance Senior Trainer)


Official Correspondence Address:

School of Business and Administration
Wawasan Open University
54, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
10050 Georgetown,

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