MPU compulsory, University compulsory and Foundation courses

Besides the BA (Hons) in Liberal Studies and BA (Hons) in Psychology degree programmes, the SHSS also conducts a Headstart Programme to enhance learners’ readiness for tertiary study before they embark on degree programmes at the University.

The following courses are taught in this programme:

  • English Language
  • Bahasa Malaysia
  • Mathematics
  • Study Skills

MPU courses

Bahasa Kebangsaan A  This course aims to improve your proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia and prepares you to express your thoughts and ideas and communicate effectively in formal and informal settings. It also trains you to acquire listening and writing skills for career advancement.

Malaysian Studies  This course provides you with an overall understanding of Malaysia as a nation. It covers various historical aspects and the system of rule of law practised in Malaysia. It explains major development policies and plans and discusses national and socio-economic development and other contemporary issues.

Pendidikan Moral  This is a compulsory subject for all non-Muslim students studying at private institutions of higher learning. Pendidikan Moral (Moral studies) is aimed at instilling the ability to appreciate and practise moral values among students in the Malaysian society. The course encourages logical and rational thinking based on various moral theories and religious values, thereby providing you with some guidelines on how to overcome moral conflicts and dilemmas.

Pengajian Islam  This is a compulsory subject for all Muslim students studying at private institutions of higher learning. It explains Islam as a way of life in a complete, balanced and integrated manner.


University compulsory courses

Learning Skills for University Studies  The main aim of this course is to develop and enhance a set of attitudes and practices that will lead to successful and independent lifelong learning in an Open and Distance Learning (ODL) environment. The course equips you with skills to learn effectively, to manage time and stress, to cope with assessments, to prepare written and oral presentations, to search for information and to manage Wawasan Open University's learning systems.

Communication Skills for the Workplace  This course aims to develop English language proficiency and communication skills at the workplace.  The course provides various practices in relation to the workplace, to enable students to select suitable registers of the English language and to employ appropriate strategies when communicating in the workplace. Relevant areas in grammar and vocabulary development have been integrated into the units. Cross-cultural tips for effective communication are also discussed.

Advanced Writing Skills for University Studies  This course focuses on specifically developing writing skills in English which are central to the production of well-researched and accurately presented written assignments. It includes improving student ability to interpret assignment questions correctly, selecting materials from various sources, incorporating the ideas and information presented by others, while at the same time avoiding plagiarism. It also helps to develop student ability to write academic essays in English and also equips them with skills for writing technical documents.

Note: The other four University compulsory courses (University Mathematics A/B, University Mathematics for General Studies, and Introduction To Computing And Internet) are offered by the School of Science and Technology.