The Centre for Professional Development & Continuing Education (PACE) will plan and execute all professional development and continuing education activities emerging from the WOU in much more proactive and vibrant manner.


We envision the creation and maintenance of a critical mass of competent and trained human resources required for sustaining a productive corporate and academic community and a lifelong learning society.


We commit ourselves to the development and delivery of training opportunities using all innovative modes of training and emerging technologies for in-service professional development of corporate and academic sector as well as lifelong learning of the larger community.

The Objectives of PACE

  • To develop and deliver courses to suit the in-service professional development needs of different levels of personnel in the corporate sector
  • To engage with the Schools and other departments of WOU in developing and Certificate and Executive diploma programmes
  • To provide research and consultancy support to organisations on issues and problems related to continuing professional development
  • To engage with organisations/companies within and outside Malaysia for the development and delivery of professional development courses
  • To provide training support to the larger community in satisfying its lifelong learning needs

PACE’s programmes are designed and delivered in association with academic colleagues from the University, professional bodies as well as through competent external trainers.  The broad reach of the Centre and its collaborative approach enables it to develop and deliver courses that are finely tuned to the changing needs of the business world.

Course Categories

  • Short Duration Public Courses
  • WOU’s internal Training Courses
  • Community Education events and programmes
  • Single-course registration
  • Strategic Academic Partner-Corporate Training (SAP-CT)
  • Long duration Courses offered by the Schools of Studies
  • Externally supported projects (international partnerships)

Courses designed and delivered by PACE will adopt varied training designs and mode suiting the requirements of the each training community. These courses may be organised entirely F2F or entirely online or a blended mode.


HRDF Approved

WOU Sdn Bhd is an HRDF approved organisation.

PACE Courses expected to be on offer from January 2018:

A. Corporate short public courses planned*

  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Construction Law
  • Cultural Intelligence at the workplace
  • Developing effective relationships at work
  • Change management Workshop/ Managing change
  • Time management Workshop/Manage the mundane Create the extraordinary
  • Educational Research and Dissertation Writing
  • Innovative Approaches to English Language Teaching
  • Action Research for Educators - in Bahasa Malaysia
  • Career Counselling
  • Data Analysis for Business Research-1

B. Internal Training of WOU staff*

  • OCL-Core Competency Certificate Programme - 5 modules
  • ODL-Core Competency Certificate Programme - 6 modules
  • Model for OER integration in classroom and course development
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Research Methods-5 modules

C. Community Lifelong learning courses

  • Holiday English Classes for children
  • Holiday Camp for students
  • Career counselling for students

*All Category A and Category B courses are HRDF claimable

For more details on PACE related information, please contact:

Tel: (604) 2180-333 ext 239/ 281

Fax : 04-227 9123

Call Toll-free Careline: 1-300-888-968 (WOU)