Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) in Networking

  • Ability to communicate effectively, not only within the networking community but also with society at large, and also able to work in an international environment.

  • Ability to function effectively as an individual and in a team with the ability to lead and manage.

  • Ability to implement and maintain a safe and healthy work environment under his charge.

  • Posses a good understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and in upholding them.

  • Understand the social, cultural and environmental responsibilities of a professional in the networking industry and to apply the principles and technology into practice for sustainable development.

  • Recognise the need for life-long learning, and possessing the capacity to do so.

Career Prospects

The following are examples of career possibilities that students can expect upon graduation.

  • Network Systems Engineer

  • Network Specialist

  • Network Security Specialist

  • Network (Service) Technician

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Programme Outline

Networks play an invaluable role in the functioning of businesses, organisations, academic instituitions, factories, hospitals and even governments. There is a great need for networking specialists who can implement and manage these networks.

This programme is structure to provide graduates with the technical and soft skills necessary to become professionals in network design and administration. They will also be able to assist in the implementation, operation and maintenance of large-scale networks.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Posses a high level of technical competency in, and the ability to apply the knowledge and principles of network design and administration.

  • Ability to use modern networking technologies, techniques and hardware/software resources including simulators.

  • Posses the knowledge and skill, and the ability to use systematic approach, in problem identification, formulation and implementation of solutions in large corporate and in research.