Name of Staff: Associate Prof Dr Balakrishnan Muniapan
Designation: Senior Lecturer (Human Resource Management)
Qualifications: B.Econs (UKM), CIWT (AUST), MSc(HRM) (Portsmouth), DBA (Philippines)


Dr. Balakrishnan Muniapan is a specialist in HRM and currently a Course Coordinator within Management and HRM Cluster at the School of Business Administration, Wawasan Open University (Main Campus) in Penang. He has previously held Senior Lecturer positions at Swinburne University of Technology, Curtin University of Technology (Sarawak Campus), BIMC in Beijing (China) and at DISTED College in Penang. Prior to his involvement in academic, he was in production management with Sharp Roxy Corporation, at his hometown in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Dr Bala has been recognized for his HRM teaching and research excellence within Asia and was conferred the “Best Professor in HRM” award at the World Education Congress, Asia’s Education Excellence Award 2014 in Singapore for his contributions as an educator and an interdisciplinary researcher in HRM wisdom. He has also been a Visiting Professor in HRM for universities and management institutes in the Philippines, Vietnam and India and has served as an external examiner for DBA/PhD thesis in HRM for universities in Malaysia, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

In academia, Dr Bala has published over fifty research papers and articles in several international journals, conference proceedings, and book chapters; and was the recipient of the Best Research Paper award at the 3rd National (Malaysia) HRM Conference in 2006. As a HRM speaker, Dr Bala is frequently honored as an invited speaker on people management issues at numerous national and international conferences and seminars. He has presented papers on HRM at conferences, seminars and delivered talks in several countries within Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe.

Dr Bala is PSMB (Malaysia) Certified Trainer (Exemption No: EMP/0899) and ACAP (Australia) Certified Workplace Trainer (Certificate Level IV). As a HRM trainer and consultant, Dr Bala has vast experience in conducting training and consultancy programs in HRM areas related to Managing Industrial Relations, Misconduct and Domestic Inquiry Procedures, Employment Terminations, Performance Management and Leadership Development and have contributed tremendously towards HRM effectiveness for more than hundred organisations within Malaysia and in Asia. A partial list of the organisations include Sony Mecha, Penang Seagate, Dell Computers, Unico Technology, Inventec Electronic, Iomega, Kobe Precision, Luster Industries, Laser Industries, Golden Frontier, Fujikura Federal Cables, ZF Steering, Zolox Industries, Petro-Pipe Industries, Lite-On Technology, Trim, Dovechem, Hitachi, FedFlour Marketing, Amstrong Audio, Jabil Circuit, Lion Containers, Mega Hightech, Mattel Tools, Key Tech Industries, BIC, PCA Mahlin, Inclin Dynamic, Meganorth Precision, Ipma Industries, Kanebo Malaysia, Universal Lab & Chemical Supplies, Teco Industries, Steel Industries, Usonics, Solectron, Bina Darulaman Bhd, Bintulu Development Authority (BDA), LAKU Management Sdn Bhd, Miri Port Authority, PETRONAS, Rai Business School, Jamal Mohammad Institute of Management, Saranathan Engineering College, IFSU, Thai Nguyen University, Sinora Sdn Bhd, Sabah Soft Wood Bhd, Sarawak Plantations Bhd, INTAN Sarawak Region, JKR Sarawak, QUEST, UNISEM and Thong Guan Industries Bhd. His trainings are interactive, thought provoking, engaging and with practical insights, that helps to transform participant’s strategic and critical thinking skills.

Course Development Experience:

Strategic Human Resource Management and Principles and Practice of Management  

Research Interest:   

Vedantic HRM, Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Development and Industrial Relations  

Selected Publications:   

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Selected Recent Journal Articles:

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