Programme Outline

Software Engineering focuses on designing and developing complex and efficient software systems with innovative methods and sophisticated tools. In order to support project decision-making and to communicate effectively in the business environment, this programme also emphasizes how to blend technical expertise with business management knowledge.

This programme produces graduates who are skilled at the latest technologies and programming languages with theoretical understanding and in-depth practical experience of designing, developing and modifying a wide range of software systems.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Possess a high level of knowledge and technical competency in information technology, and the ability to apply the principles in software development.

  • Ability to use the latest available techniques, hardware and software resources in software design and development.

  • Possess the knowledge and skill, and the ability to use systematic approaches in problem identification, formulation and implementation of software solutions in business and in research.

  • Ability to communicate effectively, not only within the IT community but also with society at large, and also able to work in an international environment.

  • Ability to perform work as an individual and in a team, and with the ability to lead and manage others effectively.

  • Possess the knowledge and ability to implement and maintain a safe and healthy work dynamically.

  • Posses good understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and in upholding these principles.

  • Understand the social, cultural and environmental responsibilities of a professional in the IT industry and to practice the principles of sustainable development.

  • Recognize the need for life-long learning, and possessing the attitude and capacity to do so.

Career Prospects

The following are examples of career possibilities that students can expect upon graduation.

  • Software Engineer and Developer

  • Software and Analyst Programmer

  • Software and System Administrator

  • Software Analyst and Architect

  • Software Manager and Leader

  • Information Technology Consultant and Officer

  • Research Scientist and Entrepreneur in this field

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