Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Electronics

  • Ability to function effectively as an individual and in a team with the ability to lead and manage.

  • Ability to implement and maintain a safe and healthy work environment under his charge.

  • Posses a good understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and in upholding them.

  • Recognise the need for life-long learning, and possessing the capacity to do so.

Career Prospects

This degree prepares you for a career in electronic systems design, operation, maintenance, and manufacturing for the electronic and telecommunications industry. The knowledge and skills gained will enable you to work in job functions such as Systems Engineering, R&D, Hardware Design, Telecommunications Systems Operation, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Maintenance, and Consultancy.

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Programme Outline

From automobiles to laser scalpels, electronic devices are found in items or tools used by ordinary people to surgeons. Electronic devices and systems have become an integral part of the modern life. Professionals trained in the design, operation, maintenance and manufacture of electronic equipment and systems are always found to be in high demand. This degree teaches you the theory and practice of electronic science and engineering.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Identify, formulate and solve electronics technology related problems;

  • Ability to acquire and apply knowledge of mathematics, science and technology;

  • Ability to work with modern electronic instruments, software and hardware;

  • Design an electronic device system, its components or processes to meet defined specifications;

  • Ability to conduct research in chosen fields of electronics technology.