Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Construction Management

  • Implement and maintain a safe and healthy work environment under his/her charge;

  • Demonstrate professional responsibility and ethical practice in the workplace;

  • Practise social, cultural, and environmental responsibilities of a professional in construction by applying the principles and technology for sustainable development;

  • Engage in lifelong learning and continuing professional development as a professional in construction.

Career Prospects

This degree provides graduates with the knowledge and skills for entry level professional jobs in many areas of construction. For learners with a college diploma and/or work experience in industry as technicians, senior technicians or supervisors, this degree will provide the top up and upgrade required for higher level management positions.

This programme prepares graduates to work in a wide range of jobs in construction especially in cost estimation, tendering, procurement, site supervision, contract administration, project management and design, research and development, etc.

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Programme Outline

This degree programme may be completed in 5 years by part-time distance learning. Learners with college diploma or similar qualifications may be granted credit transfers with correspondingly shorter study period.

The programme structure comprises of course modules shown in the table. The MPU and University courses equip students with the basic knowledge and skills such as communication, mathematics and IT, and also the techniques required to follow tertiary level studies. The basic major courses cover the broad fundamentals of building and construction technology. The core major courses develop in learners the advanced knowledge and skills in construction directly applicable to the workplace. Learners will also pick two electives from several offered to suit their own individual interest or to enhance their knowledge of subjects related to their work. All learners are required to complete a year long project.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the knowledge and principles of construction technology in project planning, design and implementation;

  • Use modern construction equipment and techniques including computing tools in construction practice;

  • Use the systematic approach in problem identification, formulation and implementation of solutions in construction and in research;

  • Communicate effectively within the construction community, society at large, and work in an international environment;

  • Function effectively as an individual and in a team with the ability to lead and manage;